You should not be messing up with your wax by neglecting your skincare after waxing. As waxing is not enough to cut it, you may want to take optimum care of your skin after the waxing session. Read the article to know all the waxing aftercare cautionary measures that can save your delicate skin from discomfort and irritation as well as infection in extreme cases. 

1. Wear loose clothes – After the waxing process is over, it would be in your interest to make sure that the affected areas of your skin are not irritated. You should wear loose clothes to make sure that there is no friction or rubbing in the waxed areas. Wearing baggy dresses and shirts for some days after the wax will let the areas breathe. This way, your skin will be safe from uncomfortable irritation and chafing. 

2.Be careful while Exfoliating – Exfoliation may be helpful right before a waxing session. Still, after the waxing is done, you are recommended not to exfoliate since it can lead to bumpiness and irritation. Before the wax, exfoliating may help by opening up your pores and making accessible any ingrown hair. Before going to a salon to get waxing done, you should take a warm shower with a mild exfoliation cream to get your pores wax ready. After the process, wait for one or two weeks before using any exfoliating solution. 

3. Don’t Indulge in Sex – If you plan to wax some of your most private and vulnerable areas, it’s imperative that you should avoid having sex after the waxing is done, as it can posit health hazards. Sex causes a lot of friction, and getting involved in it right after waxing can develop infection, bumps and ingrown hairs. 

4. Be cautious about putting anything on your skin after – After your skin goes through the waxing process, it is ultra-sensitive. Therefore, you must read the label of the product that you are applying to your skin afterwards. The best practice is to avoid all artificially coloured and scented products, whether it be a spray or a lotion or a soap. Experts who perform professional waxing in Hobert prescribe you to try using a natural milk soap for the first few days after the waxing to prevent your skin from chafing and irritation. If any of the products you are applying after wax gives you a burning sensation, you should stop using it until your pores are healed up.

5. Skip the Gym – After waxing, it would be better for you not to hit the gym right away. On the contrary, avoid intense workout sessions for a few days. Prolonged and tiresome workout sessions are a strict no-no right after the wax, since sweating due to the workout can irritate your skin and cause painful infections to appear on your skin. Apart from sweating, you experience a lot of friction while working out, and it can, in turn, attribute to irritations. Also, in the case of females, excessive sweat post-waxing can affect your pH balance adversely.

Waxing is a way more effective way to get rid of unwanted hair than shaving as it keeps the hair from growing for a more extended period. Experts performing full body waxing in Glenorchy and nearby areas can give you the best waxing results, but it won’t be fully effective if you don’t strictly follow these aftercare tips. 

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