Many different cultures and traditions flourish in the land of India. It is due to this great variant in its cultures you can easily find a lot of different clothing styles and cuisines in India.

Punjab is one of those states that are filled with rich history and culture that can be seen by anyone. There are many different ways through which this community exhibits their culture and one of such ways is their dressing style.

There are plenty of different attires and styles in the traditional dress of Punjab in and on itself. So, we are going to talk about some of the most popular ones to help you know more about their unique and exceptional dressing style. Each of the traditional dress of Punjab mentioned in this list is worn with pride by Punjabis so this article is sure to be a treat for those who are interested in knowing their traditional dressing style.

So, here is our list of common traditional dresses of Punjab:


Phulkari is one of those dresses that everyone loves be it an adult or a child. This dress has its roots in the inception of this community that is why it holds a special place in the hearts of Punjabis. It is named after the flower craft of a similar name and it was initially worn by the royals of Punjab in the 15th century.

The charm of this dress has been depicted in many tails of the past, some of the most popular stories that showcase this dress in its full glory are Heer-Ranjha. This dress comprises many elements of other traditional dresses of Punjab such as Showels, Lehengas, Dupattas, and Kurtas.


Turban is one of the signature dresses through which the people of the Punjabi community are often identified. It is headwear that is also called Pagg or Pagri by the natives. It is combined with every type of clothing attire be it a suit or a regular Sherwani you can see people wearing pagg on every occasion.

The Jama

This one another old traditional dress of Punjab that was originally prepared for the royalties in the 15th century. It is mostly worn by men and is combined with a turban or pagri. Women also started wearing this traditional dress of Punjab after the 17th century. It has a simple and comfortable design the offers great mobility making it an ideal everyday clothing.

Punjabi Jutti

If you have ever been minutely curious about the traditional clothing of Punjabi then we are sure that you may have heard of this footwear called Jutti. It is one of the most popular footwear of the Punjabi community and it can be worn by anyone be it a man, woman, or a kid.

So, these are some of the traditional dresses of Punjab that you can see people wearing most of the time. Make sure to check them out on your next trip to Punjab.

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