The last few weeks have seen Insta Pods generate a buzz all over social medial platforms. The pods can best be equated to a version of the high school cliques which today feature social media influencers and brands. The pods utilize an approach known as masses in numbers to disseminate information, attract new followers, and grow their engagement. This simple but intricate marketing pods have been seen to work very efficiently, and if properly leveraged, can be of great benefit to a brand like wolfglobal.

But What Exactly is a Pod?

A Pod is a self-organized and self-managed group of Instagram users each having around fifteen members and interested in fitness related activities. Normally, such a group gets started on Instagram to simplify its use, but there are instances where it can also be used on other applications like WhatsApp. If a Pod member posts new content, the other members are expected to engage with that post.

Engagement can be in the form of liking, commenting, or reposting the fitness blog post. As a way of ensuring that no post will be overlooked, the pod members have to ensure that their notifications are turned on. Alternatively, the post is sent out as a direct message to the group. It is important to note that the fitness pods tend to have very strict rules.

One such rule is that when a member is commenting, they have to use at least four or more words. If a post is sent out, the members will need to add a few more words before sending out their responses. The response time is also very limited. Any member that does not abide by the set rules will normally be removed from the pod.

The common denominator among the members in a pod will vary from one pod to the next, but they are usually focused on a single topic, e.g., weight training, strength training, or yoga exercises.

Pod Renditions

The pods on Instagram tend to be very specific, although there are numerous ways that can be used by brands, e.g., on other platforms. Facebook one of the leading social media platforms is known for its group forming abilities. It is also known for its boost groups, which uses the same techniques as a pod.

Should You Pod or Ignore It?

As is always the case whenever a new issue arises, different groups have varying thoughts on whether fitness brands should pod or not. On one side, using a pod allows you to hack the Instagram algorithm allowing you to get ranked based on your own engagement. But, on the other hand, you may find that the people leaving comments on an influencers page are fellow influencers as opposed to consumers.

Here, you will find that the pods may end up hurting a fitness brand that opts to look at personal engagements when sourcing for new clients to take part in their fitness regimens.

To-date, Instagram is still the reigning platform for brands and influencers making content all the more important. Comments, likes, and followers coming from friends are acceptable, but they will not mean much when they appear as favors, more so when you do not have good content. If you decide to use a pod to grow your fitness business, make sure that your content matches up, or else your brand will end up on the losing side.

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