Would you believe my saying that most of us lack knowledge about menstrual hygiene and menstrual cup usage yet? Yes, we do. Thus, this article will be your ultimate guide on picking up apt feminine hygiene products.

Do you know about the Menstrual Cup?

Even after choosing an expensive and unique sanitary pad, there used to be some fear and concerns regarding leakage in public places. This is the main reason why people found these cups to be a better substitute.

Menstrual cups are bell-shaped cups made of silicone or rubber. Women just need to fold and insert it; it opens itself and gets sealed by creating a vacuum inside the vaginal walls - thus collecting the blood. These leakage-free cups are no doubt, amazing when it comes to opting for something while bidding farewell to leakage of menstrual blood during those three days of heavy bleeding.

Even though these cups were introduced in the 1860s only, however, they were not marketed for long because of the concerns regarding placing the product perfectly; or the discomfort during usage. Since the up-gradation and better utilization of the used materials menstrual cups have now become mainstream and are a widely accepted, essential product.

Perks of choosing Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are one of the affordable period products, much safer, hold more fluid than pads or tampons and are one of the most planet-friendly period products. They have so many perks as compared to sanitary pads or tampons. Owning a menstrual cup is a one-time payment as they are reusable, unlike any substitute. Menstrual Cups aren’t associated with toxic shock syndrome {TSS} and do not consist of chemicals unlike those used in tampons or pads, such as bleach. Most of the women claim that they don’t even feel the cup while using them.

More benefits of these cups-

These products aren’t known for drying the vagina - they keep the vaginal pH balanced. In fact, product inventors and manufacturers claim that menstrual cups help in preserving the healthy bacteria that protect intimate parts of the body from vaginal infections.

When you use a menstrual cup, there is no period odour. These cups are designed in a way that menstrual fluid carrying odor doesn’t spread. Women claim that usage of these cups eliminates the issue of odour of fluid.

One of the major perks of using these cups is comfort. It claims that you won’t even feel the cup inside. Women using these cups don’t need to worry when using this leakage-free product.

If you’re wondering or pondering over what size menstrual cup is right for your body, consult your gynaecologist - share details about your age, flow, capacity etc and they will help you find the perfect fit. Numerous brands have launched menstrual cups, specially designed for each body type and different needs. Small menstrual cups are for women younger than the mid-thirties who haven’t vaginally delivered. Large cups, on the other hand, are for women who are above the age of 30 and have delivered vaginally; or have a heavier flow that requires the larger size of menstrual cups.

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