What Is A Chemical Peel?

So, what is a chemical peeling? Peeling is a skin cleansing procedure done by exfoliating its upper Stratum Corneum. Because of that, the permeability of the skin increases, nutrients are more easily absorbed, blood circulation improves and the regeneration process starts. Your skin is healthier in the end.

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Depending on the acids in the chemical peel composition, it differs in the degree of exposure to the skin (superficial, middle and deep) and the tasks that they solve

Chemical peeling is suitable for owners of oily skin with enlarged pores, age-related changes, people with inelastic, sagging skin, the presence of pigmentation, thickening of the stratum corneum, in which it becomes uneven. Do not do this procedure for people whose skin is thin and prone to dryness, as well as if there is any damage to the skin

Independent chemical peel applications can only harm the skin, so it is important to always consult a cosmetologist. Special preparation for salon peeling is necessary only when the doctor has recommended it. Sometimes patients themselves begin to use acid-based products to "accustom" the skin. This is a mistake: there is a risk of causing irritation and reducing the effect of future peeling. In addition, in no case do not use professional medications yourself. This can lead to serious skin problems.

Tools intended for salons and clinics contain acids in a sufficiently high concentration, which is dangerous in itself. And most importantly, their application requires knowledge and experience. When peeling, the doctor can regulate the concentration of active substances, select the type of acid or their combination, change the time spent on the skin. This is a rather complicated process, which is almost impossible to reproduce at home. So it’s better not to risk it.

About skin care after the procedure

In general, the procedure is transferred comfortably by everyone. A tolerant burning sensation of the skin is felt, and immediately after the procedure redness appears, which can remain on the face for several days depending on the intensity of the peeling. A little later, the skin will peel off and itch a little. The basic rule at this point is that peeling does not need to be peeled off.

Depending on the type of chemical peeling, the cosmetologist prescribes different skin care programs. For example, after a middle peel, the first two to four days should not be applied to the face, after which you can use non-greasy cleansers without alcohol, and also apply wound-healing sprays to the face. About 10 days after the procedure, you should drink plenty of water and give up alcohol and very hot and spicy foods. Also prohibited is tanning in the solarium, visiting the pool, saunas and swimming in the open water.

Enjoy this amazing skincare process and be sure to book a chemical peel in orange county California.

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