Three years ago I was an empty cup. I used to think that art and music were overestimated and they didn’t add value to my time. Thank Earth they didn’t listen to what I said and they both saved my life in the end.
In my new life, what I enjoy the most is listening to music while I am in motion. Running, driving my car or riding the bike I used to dream about until six months ago. It is totally alike to my childhood bike and I was sure I would never find it. BUT I did find it accidentally only for $50! Someone was cleaning his garage and put it on sale. He didn’t want to just throw away what I was looking for like a treasure. How cool is that?
So I was talking about music and motion. Yes, this gives me another emotion for life. It sparks the will for life and action. A will that I don’t always have. Most of the times this is my strength to feed my brain to keep going. I never go back home without a new idea for my better living. I never go back home without philosophy making love with my brain. Sweet love that spreads beautiful kids everywhere.
Nature has an unbeaten strength. It gets in your lungs through breath and becomes your spirit. It comes in and gives you the strength you need to realize that you alone are enough for yourself to be happy. You are enough for yourself. You can raise your personality and train yourself to find the bliss you need to flow all around yourself and the others around you next. You can raise. What you are facing right now is only a period of your life, it is not the story of your life.
I know you are tired. I know you may not even have the will to do what it takes. But friend, you need to empty your glass from spoiled milk so as to fill it with vodka. If you don’t empty it, you will just stay still and watch your spoiled milk while holding your vodka for months or even years. Or if you are like me, you will be pouring vodka over the spoiled milk and blame yourself that you always ruin everything.
Give yourself time to empty your glass, then clean it and finally pour your awesome drink and ice. Make a glorious drink, because you did the nicest job in your life.
You alone are enough for yourself to be happy. All you need to do is one thing and only. Remove the disturbance from your mind. Remove the voices, the fears. Hell afterlife may be a myth. But hell in the only one life you have is maybe one of the only truths that we truly know. And most of them are illusions of your culture, family, and land you were born. Write them down, investigate each one of them and whatever doesn’t serve your life, throw them to rubbish like the gorgeous asshole you are.
We were born happy and we are happy when we remove the noise. The noise causes fear. I know you are a parent, I know you are an employee, I am not writing from my swimming pool drinking my martini. We are all together in this. What I know for sure is that all we need to be ok is to have a healthy body and a calm mind.
The solution to this problem is to dig inside. Deep, deep inside. Stay alone for some time, the more you can the best the result. The key to open the door is to welcome philosophy in your life. Don’t read it as a lesson. This is a crime that has been committed in schools all around the globe. Philosophy is energy that is being generated within you and flows all around spreading seeds and giving flowers. Welcome the humble art in your life. Don’t dig so deep and dark alone. And please, don’t deal with those who pretend to be artists and use this precious diamond for personal benefit. They are totally misleading, they not only don’t help, but they are also harmful. You know what I mean.
The most common mistake we do is to pretend to philosophize, while we need to be philosophers in life. There is no reason to pretend to have a healthy and sporty body when we need to go to the hospital. Words remain words and the patient dies.
Another factor is information. Information is all around us, but how much of this information is put to the plan? Information alone is dead. No subject, no mental work is beneficial when it doesn’t get to the action. Information is dead when it doesn’t help the person to make their life better and do the next step. Getting motivation without action can become an addiction and an illusion of action. I am not talking about me, just a friend of mine.
When we invest in our personal time, our minds become more expensive and we attract better buyers. The buyers that have worked enough in their life to deserve our company and have the skills to “buy” it. Some people communicate underground without talking. To find them you need to dig your way down there.
When you are enough for your bliss, you are enough for more things than you can imagine. Take deep breaths and invest in your personal time. What follows becomes our personal story.

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My name is Efi and I want to be part of the global change. However, we need to be healthy and happy so as to make a global change with a positive impact on the future. I write about life and philosophy. The best part of writing comes in giving a spark of life to my readers with the help of cosmology science. I literally love it.

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