Saws are an essential tool for wood cutting projects. Every type of saw comes with some pros and cons. Band saws are a versatile tool available in the market that is used by most woodworkers for making various cuts.
However, many people still don’t know about band saws and their uses. Here is everything you need to know about these saws.

What Are Band Saws?

Band saws are mostly used by woodworkers for craftwork, furniture building, decorative projects, and many more works. Usually, a band saw has two or three wheels, a thin blade, and an engine motor to rotate the blade and wheels. They also have a table for supporting the workpiece. These saws are mostly used for making irregular shapes. By using the right saw blade, you can make different types of cuts as per your requirement.

Using A Band Saw:

Although band saws are widely popular, beginners feel hard to operate a band saw. Here are the steps to use a band saw appropriately.

First, you need to ensure that you are changing the blade of the band saw depending on your task because one blade can’t be used for performing all your cutting tasks.Also, there are different types of saw blades that you can select the right blade for your job. Blade tension is also important for better cutting results. So, adjust the blade tension properly depending on the task.

Make sure that you remove the band saw plug when it is not in use. This way, you can save electricity and improve the lifespan of the band saw.Also, ensure that you have cleaned the band saw after using. Usually, while cutting the workpieces, a lot of sawdust accumulates on the band saw, and if it is not cleaned, it can decrease the performance of the saw.

Types of Band Saws:

Band saws are usually available in different types, and those are –

Vertical Band Saws:

This is a highly durable tool and contains a powerful motor. The vertical band saw offers high accuracy compared to other band saws. It has a big motorto provide high performance. These saws come with an air blower to cool the blade and remove the sawdust. Moreover, they allow you to cut the workpieces manually or automatically as per your requirement.

Horizontal Band Saws:

Horizontal band saws have the blade on the top,which you need to bring to down for cutting the job. They have a clamper on the table to let you place the job tightly.

Meat Band Saw:

Band saws are also used tocut the meat. The meat cutting band saws usually come with stainless steel blades that cut the meat easily.

Portable Band Saws:

These band saws are ideal for those who want tocarry the band saw with them. These saws are compact, lightweight, and offer higher efficiency for cutting the jobs.


Here we have discussed the band saws, their use, and types. If you are using a band saw for the first time, then this article will be helpful for you.

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