You probably have heard about 5G if not Here we at g24i giving a full introduction about 5g and everything you need to know about it.

What is 5G?

If you carefully look up at your phone, you’d probably see an indicator “4G LTE” or “3G” or god forbid “2G” and you probably got to know it has got something to do with your mobile network. The higher the G, the faster the speed of network. And its pretty easy to follow, G stands for generation. And each subsequent G refers to a specific speed, connectivity, and reliability necessary to classify that particular generation.1G let us talk to each other. 2G brought us messaging facility. 3G brought us online and 4G enhanced the speed of internet. But all that what we called fast till date gonna be history because we know our mightiest 5G is in its way. And if you are considering 5G is a just a bit faster and I am okay with 4G then you are wrong. 5G is a whole lot of out of the box experience and is said to be 100-250 times faster than 4G with a massive speed of 20 Gbps where 4G provides an average speed of 10-20 Mbps. And with its massive speed it has also got a crazy low data latency rate (delay time in sending and receiving data). 4G has nearly 100-200 milliseconds where 5G’s latency rate will go as low as 1 millisecond which is 0.33% of human mind’s latency rate. Isn’t that crazy? So that we can actually replace the real time interaction with 5G.

Imagine playing a call of shooter like Fortnite or PUBG in real time with zero lag all through your phone or travelling in a self driving car upto 200 miles an hour. Sit tight because the future of gaming and everything else is about to change forever with 5G.

5G is gonna change the way we live. And while I say this I say literally it will change the way we live. Like if we compare the speed of 4G and 5G, in 4G we can stream one movie in HD whereas in 5G we can stream 400 movies in 8K at a time but wait its not the craziest part as 5G is not meant to developed just to stream movies in 8K. With the broad use of 5G, we will be able to access almost everything that is connected wirelessly. Like it would be no more a thing of amaze if we ride in a totally self driving car, not just autonomous but fully self driving. That would be totally possible in just a couple of years where we will be sitting in the back seat and cars in the street will have their own network all interconnected with each other, communicating with each other and traffic lights to decide where to stop and in what speed to go. I wonder if there would be no traffic jam in future as 5G and use of AI in cars would increase. And a more interesting thing to note, human reaction time is about 200-300 milliseconds and we face a lot of accidents. What if all the driving is replaced by self driving cars so that it would have its reaction time just near to 1 millisecond. I think there would be no accidents but it is not that easy to go practical than it is to say. The development process will take time for sure and lets hope this will not take more than just a couple of years. And 5G will bring up the concept and actual use of IOT (Internet of Things) which will allow to control almost everything virtually or wirelessely in real time.

Everything has its two sides and everything we discussed till here are the good aspects of 5G but we are here to let you know the actual facts and a total knowledge. So lets come to the bad side or the problem with the 5G.

What is the problem with 5G?

Mobile networks are transmitted in the form of waves. 4G is transmitted with a so that a single mobile tower can be enough for the network coverage of 10 kms. But with 5G,wave called millimeter wave which has a frequency about 30-300 GHz are going to be used and as a result a single mobile tower can provide a coverage only up to 300 meters and the millimeter waves can’t even go through the walls and bad weather condition like rain and that’s where the main problem arises. So it has only one solution and that is of setting up mobile towers almost everywhere within a 300 meters and that makes 5G more expensive. So it is expected to be limited in some of the developed countries until we find the economical solution of the problem.

When will we get 5G?

Well 5G needs a lot of equipment to be installed and replaced and most of the 5G equipment are manufactured by the Chinese tech giant Huawei. They claim that they are almost 18 months ahead in the 5G research than any company in the world. And some telecommunication companies in the Europe has already started the service using the Huawei equipment and it is likely to see 5G in other countries soon but the recent controversy of Huawei with US government has pushed the time to use 5G to the American people a bit until Ericsson develops its 5G network.

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