This house of cards we refer to as our society's current belief system is crumbling. The cloak of deception upon which that belief system is based is unraveling. Everything you've been told, believe and accept to be true about many aspects of reality is being challenged and exposed as simply false and wrong.

Priests are being exposed as predators. Politicians are being exposed as agenda-driven individualists rather than selfless public servants. Everything we believe is "progress" is unsustainable and is propelling our planet towards extinction. Everything you believe is "medicine" is often a set of untested drugs that unbalance the body's natural systems and cause more side effects than the illnesses they purport to cure.

Everything you believe is "food" is a concoction of chemically laden substances that are unusable by the body, deprive it of nutrients and its natural ability to heal.

Everything you believe is "economic growth through capitalism" is actually a money-grab that benefits only a select few at the expense of everyone else.

Everything you believe is "justice" is a punitive, revenge-focused, violence-based system of thought and action that support a prison industry designed to enrich its owners.

Everything you've been told are the "random" events of history might actually have been orchestrated.

Everything you believe to be "news" is opinion and, in many cases, completely contrived and staged.

Everything you're told to strive for in pursuit of success and freedom actually leads to failure and servitude.

Everything you've been told, and believe to be good, normal and necessary, desirable, ethical and moral are being revealed to be their exact opposites.

At the same time, everything you've been told and thus believe to be "evil sinful, impossible, absurd and abnormal" might actually be good, ethical, plausible, logical, quite normal and, in fact, in your best interest to explore, once truth is revealed.

The list goes on. Our beliefs about science, democracy, religion, government, education, the causes of war, the reasons behind assassinations, the existence of life on other planets, the origin of mankind, sexuality and various other concepts, ideas institutions and world views-all are being subjected to the onslaught of new questions and analyses and activism as people discover them to be other than what they've been led to believe.

They realize in many instances, that what they believe to be true is nothing more than a set of subjective ideas put forth by people who really don't have a handle on truth, don't know what they're doing, or worse, don't have your best interests at heart-people who are playing by a faulty rulebook or, worse, with no rule book at all.

Advertising = Education
Uninformed ideas, blind assumptions and outright lies underlie much of the education you received and advertising you are subjected to. In some instances, of course, education and advertising are one in the same. Take, for instance, the "education" you received in school about health and for instance the benefits of a meat-centered diet. These typically come from pamphlets created by a meat council-a conglomeration of meat producers-with a financial interest at stake (or at steak).

I'm sure you're familiar with many of these assumptions: that milk does a body good; that meat is real food for real people; that cancer can't be cured; that the common cold is inevitable; that allergies can only be relieved not ended; and that drugs these companies are pushing heal and aren't, in fact, more dangerous than the ills they claim to cure, given the extensive list of (sometimes fatal) side effects warned of in the disclaimers.

The sales pitches for these products start with these assumptions and are never challenged. As a result, people buy into them (key word "buy"), and continue a vicious cycle perpetuating the very lifestyle that caused their ills.

The end result: Why all this matters
"Every day, people are attempting to influence your purchases, sway your allegiance, stoke your emotions and win your vote, using numbers and "facts" that are simply not true. Without the correct information, you will be their victim."

Why is this important? Well, without the correct paradigm for your body and how it operates, you will find that health eludes you despite your best efforts at eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Without the correct paradigm for health and how to achieve it, you will find that as you "cure" one ailment you create another.

If I believed, for example, that "milk does a body good," and then acted on that belief (by drinking lots of milk) in an effort to improve my health, I might find myself experiencing colds, mucous, allergies, weakened bones and cancer, and eventually become frustrated in my efforts without ever knowing the real reason why: that the dairy products we've been told are beneficial, are, in fact poison to our systems (and the numbers prove it)!

When you live in a world where everything you believe... is wrong, then without the correct information, facts and numbers, you will compromise your health, your safety, make generally poor decisions and put yourself and others at risk and in harm's way.

Author's Bio: 

I.M. Sharp believes life should be lived with eyes open, with a willingness to embrace the counterintuitive, the courage to face the truth, and the determination not to pull numbers out of your own or somebody else’s a$$!
Excerpt from Stop Pulling Numbers Out of Your A$$: What the Actual FACTS Reveal About Life in America...and the Rest of the World.