Approximately 400 people die from fire-related incidents in the UK alone each year. However, the leading cause of death for victims in most fires is the inhalation of smoke and dangerous fumes. The toxic gases and smoke spread faster than the fire itself. Majority of house fires occur when the families are sleeping. Deaths in such situations arise when the people are unaware of the danger and do not have enough time to get away. A smoke alarm comes in handy in cases like this. It stays on guard throughout the day and night. It blares a high-pitched siren and gives the family barely enough time to escape.

Two-thirds of all house fire deaths occur due to the absence of proper fire alarm systems. The cheapest yet most efficient way of protecting oneself and their loved ones from harm is to have a well-installed and well-maintained fire alarm system. This one installation can reduce the risk of a fatal fire by half. This is all you should know about smoke alarms.

Places of Installation

Smoke alarms should be installed on every floor in case of enclosed spaces, especially around sleeping areas or places frequented by people. Other probable sites of the installation could be viable exit routes. The alarms should be placed on or near the ceiling. However, it is a word of caution that older people and children might sleep through a siren blaring. Therefore, the alarms should be placed near their rooms or in areas where it will be easier for them to hear.

Types of Smoke Detectors

There are two main categories of smoke alarms based on the type of sensor that is present – ionization or photoelectric. These alarms perform differently in different situations. They could either detect fires through heat detection or carbon monoxide detection. 

Companies offering smoke alarm installation in Ipswich and other areas around Brisbane have alarms that can be connected to the home’s central wiring system or can be battery powered. This means that the alarm system will have a power backup no matter what the situation is. However, if the house is old, battery-powered systems are the only ones which could be installed. 

Interconnected systems are also popular with smoke alarm installation companies in Logan. These provide better protection and offer more escape time. This means that one end of the system which is nearer to the fire will send off a chain of alarms blaring all along with the system, thereby notifying every person on the premises, even if not near the fire.

Smoke alarm installation companies in Logan, Ipswich, and other areas around Brisbane also offer to map out the escape routes for the space the fire alarm installation is being done. This is necessary because the only way in which the fire alarm could safely lead people out of a building is only if the exit routes are well-mapped. Therefore, the companies design the fire exit routes keeping in mind the openings of the building and then placing the detectors and mandatory signs accordingly.

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