Everything in the universe works in some pattern. Everything has a logic and pattern of its own.

The trick is to find the pattern of what you are studying. This could be so different than anything you can logically perceive, which makes it very difficult to find.

If you can remove your opinion of what a pattern should be or what is logical or what constitutes a pattern, you may be able to find the pattern in all things. This can be applied to finding our true nature or anything in science and nature.

This process requires a transformation of the way your mind works, which is more important than finding the pattern.

You will never be any better than you are today. This is a fact, because if you could be better you would already be that way. In order to change and evolve in any way, on a deeper level of your being, you must change the way your mind works so that it can reach different levels of consciousness.

If your being is in a state which reflects your consciousness and personality, then it will not change on its own unless you change your personality. The personality is an expression of the state of your mind. It may sound the same, but there is a subtle difference which is the key to success.

This is why people try to change but rarely do, or if they do, it is such a small change, they are disappointed at the end of their life.

Normally humans try to change their character using a bent tool. For example, it is impossible to draw a straight line using a warped ruler. If you want to change any part of your being, personality or life by doing exercises or repeating some positive thoughts and goal statement with a mind that is somewhat bent, for lack of a better word, it is impossible to succeed.

It is a waste of time thinking that all you have to do is repeat a goal statement or make a vision board and you will achieve your goals, which is obviously ridiculous based on how many people do this and how few succeed. Rather, work on that which is doing.

All things we do, think or say are external. They are done with one of the five senses; touch, sight, sound, smell, and maybe taste. All the senses go through the mind to be interpreted so that we can understand what we are dealing with. You may say that taste and smell are purely a sensation without intellectualization, but that is not correct.

Your mind must sense if something is good or bad as that is the way your body tells you what is good or bad for you. You then form an opinion of something and the next time you encounter it, you do not need to take it again. The normal ‘bent’ mind of a human is what allows us to do what we know is bad for us.

Because everything goes through your mind in order for you to take action, the most important thing to work on is the way your mind works rather than simply feed it information through the senses. You must straighten the ruler before you can use it to draw a straight line.

If you work on cultivating a mind that can be objective and present at all times, you will find that achieving your goals and desires becomes far easier. The only caveat is that it may take a lot of work and time to refine and correct the way your mind works.

However, you may as well get started otherwise you will live your life going in circles and never moving forward. Even if it takes a lot of time to bring you to the necessary level of consciousness, you will still have more time and more happiness in your life than if you do not undertake the challenge.

The process of change is vast but simple. I will give you only one simple practice to get you started.

Be fully present and aware of everything you are doing, as often as possible.

You can start with everyday things such as eating. Be aware of the food, taste, texture and the sensation of the cutlery in your hands. Chew and finish swallowing before you fill your fork with the next bite ready to be shoveled in. Move slower, so you are aware. Basically, develop good eating manners and you will accomplish great change along with having impressive table manners.

Brush your teeth and wash your face with awareness of the sensations of the brush, soap, etc. Find any other thing in your life that you can do in this way, and soon enough, you will understand what it means to effect a change in the way your mind works.

The change is subtle, you will not have an epiphany, but one day after some months, you will notice that you are more aware of things you never noticed before.

You are welcome to contact me for more guidance and exercises.

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David is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
Retiring at 29, he resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
David designed an iPhone app to build Intuition called ForeSight visit MindDevelopments.com More about David EntrepreneurMonk.com