What is NAFLD?
NAFLD stands for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. It is a term used to denote a range of conditions which are due to build up of fat in the liver. Mostly obese or overweight people get affected with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. The increase of the amount of fat in the liver is associated with many problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart strokes and heart attacks.

Different Stages of NAFLD
Basically, there are four stages of NAFLD-
1. Steatosis – It is the formation of simple fats in liver cells and can only be diagnosed when tests are carried out for another reason.
2. NASH – It is a more serious form of NAFLD. In this, the liver is inflamed.
3. Fibrosis – It is the persistent inflammation which results in scar tissue around the liver and near blood vessels.
4. Cirrhosis – It is the more severe stage of NAFLD. Here the liver shrinks and becomes lumpy. It can lead to liver failure.

Symptoms of NAFLD
If you are facing the NAFLD, check for the following symptom-
• Pain in the lower right side of the ribs.
• Weakness
• Fatigue
Weight Loss.

Diagnosis of NAFLD
Generally, NAFLD is diagnosed after the blood test called the Liver Function Test. Moreover, it can be diagnosed after the ultrasound scan of the liver. After you are diagnosed with NAFLD, further tests are done to determine the stage of NAFLD. Sometimes, biopsy has to be done for complete tests.

Treatment of NAFLD
Most of the people don’t know about the NAFLD and some don’t care about it. But if it is diagnosed in the earlier stage, proper should be taken care of the disease.
1. Medication
There is no specific medicine to cure NAFLD, but treating other complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure can provide relief from NAFLD. Treating other diseases like high cholesterol and obesity can also improve the condition.

2. Transplant
The liver transplant is the last option to treat as recommended by hepatologis. It is more likely to be practiced upon the patients suffering from cirrhosis and fibrosis. For the adults, the average waiting time to get a lever from the deceased person is 15 days. Also, it is possible to do a transplant by cutting a section of liver from the living donor as well. If the liver can regenerate itself, the remaining part of the donor section can grow back to its normal state. Although there are many complications, as the person tissue must be matched with that of the donor tissue.

3. Change in Diet and Lifestyle

Weight Loss- One should aim for BMI between 18 to 25. Losing about 10% of weight can significantly reduce the amount of fat present in the liver. Thus, helping the NAFLD.
• Healthy Diet- One shout take a healthy diet. The diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrate. The diet should be low in fat, salt, and sugar. Try to eat smaller portions of food at a time.
Exercise- One should exercise regularly. Try to do the exercise of about 150 minutes a day. Try walking and cycling. All these can help in reducing the NAFLD.
• Stop Smoking- If you smoke, stop it! It can help you reduce the risk of heart stroke.
• Don’t drink- NAFLD is not caused by alcohol, but it can make the condition worse.

Therefore, it is better to prevent condition rather cure it. Take a healthy and balanced diet and remain healthy.

To know more about your specific condition, please visit an Hepatotologist in a a trusted hospital close to you.

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