It sounds crazy but yes, weed wine is a real thing. Its concoction is a great way to appease the stoners and the drinkers with one delicious product.

Weed wine is a relatively new creation and it stems from the era of weed legalization across many US states and several countries. It gets its popularity from the buzz surrounding cannabis use and it's piquing a lot of people's interest.

While weed wine is a new concept, the practice of infusing different ingredients in alcohol has existed since mankind learned to ferment grapes and make it into a drink. There is honey- and mint-infused and there are exotic creations like snake wine available in Vietnam. So weed-wine isn't that too far a stretch when it comes to adding different ingredients in wine.

Is Weed Wine Legal?

The answer is a little more complicated than yes or no. In states like California, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon, recreational marijuana use is legal because of Prop 64. But this law only applies to marijuana regulation specifically. Weed-infused wines are a different matter. Prop 64 failed to address this issue entirely. And because most of the states that allow recreational weed use don't allow weed wine, it is only in California that you can get your hands on some weed wine.

The History

So let's talk a little history for a second. I mentioned previously about wine infused with wine and honey which were popular even in ancient times. Historians and archeologists recently found out that cannabis-infused wine a long time ago was also a thing. However, weed wine was used less often than its mint or honey counterpart. The reason is not clear but many experts suggest it could be because of its powerful effects.

How Powerful Is Cannabis-Infused Wine?

Well, historians refer back to an Eastern Han Dynasty doctor named HuaTuo. In his surgical procedures, he is known to have used wine infused with cannabis as a form of anesthetic. Patients who have been given weed wide report powerful trips and cause people to go in a trance-like state. However, there is no known recipe for that weed wine concoction that exists to this day.

So now that you know a little bit about weed wine, do you think you can make one on your own? You can, of course, but you'll need to have the right ingredients many of which you can buy at any dispensary like Cheapweed Canada. It would also be helpful to know that white wine is rather more apt for infusion.

The ingredients for making weed wine are as follows:
• Four ounces of stems, or more. Half a pound to a pound is preferable.
• Cannabis leaves. This makes the effect of the weed more pronounced. Remove the seeds, though.
• Two oranges and a lemon
• Three pounds of sugar, either refined or white
• And a cake of fresh active yeast

The equipment you will need includes:
• Two one-gallon jugs
• Smaller bottles
• A three-foot plastic tubing
• An old nylon stockings

The exact procedure for making weed wine is rather long and complicated but there are several recipes you can follow online.

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