Getting a new tattoo can be exciting but what if you regret the decision after getting it immediately or after a few days. Well, in that case, the best choice is to opt for laser treatment as they can effectively remove the tattoo. Read the topic to know everything about tattoo removal.

Many people love getting a tattoo, some get it for fun experience and have meaning behind getting the tattoo. Getting the body art people do feel proud of themselves. But, at times, people regret that they make the mistake and did not judge what they are getting into. In case, you are going through the same situation or not happy about your decision of getting a tattoo there is the option of laser removal.

Dr. Vikas Gupta and our team are highly skilled professionals for Tattoo Removal Ludhiana to address the situation of unwanted tattoo which does fit your image.

How does the procedure of tattoo removal works?

Well, to start with you will be consulting the doctor. They are going to evaluate the tattoo which needs to be removed and let you know about the process of removing it.

The laser energy is going to strike the pigments which are the same as ink coloring before it is applied to the skin. The skin top layer is going to absorb the high-intensity pulses which help in zapping the ink particles to small pieces.

The heat coming from the laser is helpful in splitting the particles and because of high speed, the area will be cool. Due to the heat and cool, the particles will be set apart which helps in surrounding the blood cells and the pigment is absorbed.

For your comfort, the doctor will give you anesthesia. The procedure will work till the time the ink is not able to get noticed properly. This is true by getting the tattoo removal in Punjab from our doctor you can get rid of the unwanted tattoo.

Factors affecting the tattoo removal procedure

  • Eventually, the time taken for the tattoo to fade is determined by your body. The size and color of the tattoo will affect the removal process. Additionally, the skin type and length of time you had the tattoo will affect the removal process. Keep in mind to get the desired results there will be a need for several sessions.
  • The easiest ink to remove is black whereas the greens, purples, and blue do take time to remove. If you have a smaller tattoo then there will be a need for fewer pulses as compared to larger ones. With each session, irrespective of the size and color of the tattoo is going to become light. To schedule the second session you should wait for 6 weeks.

Side Effects and Risk factors

  • Following the treatment the side effects are minimal and there are certain ways the irritations can be eased. On the treated area apply ice pack when there are redness and sensitivity. To protect the skin you should use antibiotic cream and bandage.
  • You should apply sunscreen once it is healed and this will avoid the blisters.
  • Once the area starts to recover and then it will return to normal. Following the doctors instructions are very essential.

If you are planning to get the tattoo removed then book your appointment today only with our surgeon.

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