Maybe you remember Kerala for the overly dramatic but incredibly entertaining movies or because of the sober cuisine. Nevertheless, none of us can deny that it is one of the unique cultures residing in the Indian lands.

India is proud of having a part so diversely cultural and rich in almost every regard.

However, we will focus on the incredibly sober, minimal, and shiny traditional dress of Kerala.


Mundu is the traditional dress of Kerala for men and women, and they wear it from their waist to the ankle. Many people can draw parallels to the Dhoti and lungi, but this cloth is straight and long but does not join anywhere.

The choice of upper garments varies according to age and gender. You can mostly find this dress in the Tulunadu regions and Islands of Maldives.

The Christian women of this region wear Mundu with pleats but with a two-piece blouse.

You will often see most women and men wearing light colors or entirely white attires. White is a symbol of elegance and purity in this state, and so most people choose it as their attire color.

Mundum Neriyathum

The traditional dress of Kerala for the women population is the Mundum Neriyathum, a pair of matching Mundus. One of them goes around the waist to cover the lower portion of the ankle.

In addition, the other half wraps the upper part with a combination of a white blouse. One end of the upper Mundu tucks with the lower Mundu around the waist, and the other end wraps the shoulder and falls back.

For weddings, most women prefer Kanchipuram silk sarees which are famous all over the world. Wedding dresses use darker shades, but white and black are not acceptable for such occasions.

The Muslim women of this state wear sarees and lehengas for their weddings with a lot of embroideries.

The lungi

Lungi is a type of dress of Kerala that is sown at the ends to make a loop. This attire is famous all over India as comfort wear for homes.

Most men in Kerala still prefer to wear lungis when they are just casually staying at their home. It is easy to wear, and you can tuck it at the corner of your waist to hold the creases.

The clothing is good enough to fold again on your core in half if you want to do heavy lifting or running. The clothing is so comfortable that you can cycle while wearing it.

In conclusion

Kerala is a very sober state but equally wild in its filmic endeavors. It is hard to find another state with an equal amount of minimalism in its clothing as Kerala.

If you go far to the northeastern side of India, you may accomplish your goal of finding minimal dressing tastes.
But like its cuisine, the traditional dress of Kerala comes with subtle tints that give the attire a lot of substance.

Moreover, you can also find skillful artists who can create intricate embroideries that shine without taking too much space inside these sober dresses.

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Kerala is a famous state of India and its culture makes it a versatile state of India. Learn more about traditional dresses of Kerala here.