The first Ducati Hypermotard was launched in 2008 and 11 years later Ducati has released the all-new Ducati Hypermotard 950 and Hypermotard 950 SP. The earlier models were raw bonkers proper motard madness but this time around the Deucalion engineers have reworked on a lot of major components and one of the main highlights is the flattening of the seats.
Along with that the claimed curb weight is nearly 9 pounds less than its 939 predecessors, in part due to the slimmer 950 fuel tank’s reduced capacity, and summed with a host of engine, chassis, and electronic updates equate to a significant boost in overall performance. You can also have a look at the other models from Ducati at any Ducati showroom in Mumbai.
Ducati had recently hosted a press test of the Hypermotard 950 and 950 SP models on Gran Canaria, a picturesque volcanic lump situated among the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. However, the bike’s numeric model name does not correlate with the displacement of the engine. The new TFT instrument display has an analog-style tachometer encircling a gear position indicator.
The Hyper has one of the softest rev limiters, feeling reminiscent of a two-stroke falling off the pipe. This artificial over-rev softens the wheelie touchdown if you neglect to shift mid-flight. Its wide motard-style handlebar and cat-like agility made mincemeat of the track’s tightest hairpin turns and clawed through chicane sections with peg-scratching aplomb.
The outgoing suspension copes well with quick side-to-side flicks and its added travel instills an unconquerable feeling over bumps yet provides very good hard braking support.
Whichever Hypermotard 950 version you might choose to buy; the presumption of innocence is not part of the package. Book you’re your ride today with a Ducati dealer in Mumbai.

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