Everybody is a manager of free resources

Most people think that managers are only those top positions inside corporations or business owners. However, billions of people who have never run any companies are also managers. In fact, nearly 100% of the world populations manage at least eight resources every day. Managers are those who make choices.

First, money: everyone including beggars can choose what they want to do with their money. While one dollar may a very small amount of money, it is still money and when it is used wisely, it can be saved or invested and bring profits. In my country (Madagascar), especially in Antananarivo where I live, people can buy 10 pounds of fresh carrots or 6 pounds of raw potatoes with one US dollar at local marketplace.

Second, assets: they include shoes, clothes, furniture, books, pets or any other material possessions. Every day, we can choose to keep, sell or give away those resources. In my town and in many other countries, useful assets are thrown away in the garbage and thousands of people pick them up and reuse, recycle or sell them.

Third, relationships: we can always choose who we want to be friends with. We can build, destroy or restore any relationship with others. I believe that the quality of our lives depend on the quality of our relationship with others. Fortunately, nobody can force us to be friends with anybody.

Fourth, knowledge: we are free to sell or share freely our knowledge every day. I know that everyone in the world knows at least one or two things that they can use to make a living. My uncle and aunt are both blind, but they both work and are self-reliant. My uncle knows how to play the piano, and my aunt knows how to knit.

Fifth, energy: everyone has energy and can use it to accomplish various tasks and reach goals or make dreams come true. Helen Keller had great energy even though she could not speak, see or hear during her life on earth. Many athletes in the Paralympics Games all have incredible energy.

Sixth, time: every human being is given 24 hours a day to work towards their own dreams and goals. We are all free to choose how we use those precious 24 hours. Some people choose to watch TV 20 hours per week while others prefer using that amount of time to read great books.

Seventh, thoughts: everybody has the ability to think and imagine a better future for them or others. There would be nothing we could do if we did not have any thoughts in our head. However, we can choose either to hide or share our 60 000 daily thoughts whenever we want to. One single thought can be a source of unlimited wealth when it is mixed with massive actions and self-confidence.

Eighth, air: it is the most precious resource on earth because without air we could not breathe and would all die. Even people in the poorest countries on earth breathe free air every second of their lives. And since this resource is free, some companies choose to use it to produce renewable energy and make lots of profits from it.
While some people take a deep breath, others prefer taking a shallow breath. We can, then, choose how we use the air we breathe every second.

When we are sincerely grateful for those eight resources, we will be given more and more of other resources. However, we need to use those resources wisely before wanting and receiving more.

Author's Bio: 

Haingo Heriniaina Rajaonarison is the founder and CEO of RAJAONARISON INTERNATIONAL. He has designed three home study courses entitled: Everybody is a manager, How to invest your 16 hours for your success and The Malagasionaires. Those materials are on the way to “best-sellerhood”.The first step has been already taken. When your company needs a first or additional workshop or seminar on eco-leadership and synergy, please visit our website: www.rajaonarison.com.