Many modern RVs have comfort levels comparable to those found in a home. Running HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, televisions, and a slew of other small devices can put a strain on old twist-type connectors. The groundbreaking 30A/125V Smart Plug cordset is the solution to this problem. When connected to a camping pedestal, it safely handles these components’ power needs. It also has a unique plug body shape to ensure it goes in the correct way and locks into place, making it easy to use.

Compared to twist-type plugs, the SmartPlug offers over 27 times greater metal-to-metal contact. This reduces electrical resistance while also lowering the risk of arcing and overheating. All SmartPlug cordsets offer built-in LEDs that alert the RVer if the campground pedestal is incorrectly wired and a dangerous reverse polarity situation is at hand.

Beyond the safety engineered into the 30A/125V SmartPlug, the device has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories. It’s Intertek ETL listed, conforms with 2020 NFPA 70® Standard 551.40(D), and is the only RV shore power plug to be UL certified. IMANNA, an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory, even proved its superior waterproof qualities by subjecting it to 30 grueling days of salt fog.

Because the SmartPlug is asymmetrical and pushes straight in, there’s no need to align an L-blade or thread bull rings. Dual spring-loaded locking levers allow easy one-handed insertion. Even the 30′ cordset cable is designed for maximum flexibility for easy coiling.

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The SmartPlug is a revolutionary shore power connections system designed to replace the outdated and problematic twist-type design in use today.

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