A little while ago I wrote an article titled, ‘My Healing Technique Is The Only One That Works!’ Shortly after I had put this article altogether, I started to think about something that I hadn’t mentioned.

When it came to healing, I said that there was the technique and then there was how ready someone was to heal. These two factors were then what defined whether or not someone was able to make progress.

Another Component

However, what this overlooked is the part that the healer or even the therapist plays in what takes place. It was then as though it doesn’t matter who someone woks with, as it doesn’t have much of an impact on what takes place.

The healer is then just an observer when it comes to what takes place and can’t affect the process. While it would be easy to believe this, this is not something that actually matches up with reality.

Two Parts

What this means is that someone could work with a healer who uses a certain technique, but they might only get so far. What is going on for the person who they are working could keep them at a certain level.

This person will be holding the space and, if they are unable to be fully present due to their own issues, it will create resistance. Someone can end up finding it hard to feel safe and to completely let go.

Part of life

Ultimately, a healer (or whatever word/words they use) is a human being, so it is to be expected that they will have some kind of baggage. They might have dealt with a lot and be more together than the average person, but they will still have things to work through.

If this wasn’t the case, there would be no reason for them do what they do, let alone to be on the planet. This is why it has been said that it is not about what technique or method a healer uses, what matters is their presence or ‘state’.

Looking Deeper

Perhaps this is why someone can work with a healer who uses a certain technique and only get so far, but ends up making more progress with another healer who uses the same technique. And, why some healers don’t appear to do anything and their clients can still end up with incredible results.

Additionally, whether someone works with a male or female can also play in how far they are able to progress. This is not due to the healer themselves, it is due to the kinds of experiences someone has had with each gender and how these experiences can make it harder for them to let go in the presence of a man/woman.

Final Thoughts

So, taking all this into account, I think it shows that what technique a healer uses is not all that important. What matters is whether or not they have healed certain things and if they can really hold the space.

If someone realises that they are only getting so far, it might be in their best interest to no longer work with the same healer. As while there is the part that a healer plays, one is still responsible for their own life.

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