In the modern age of hand held devices and computerised personal organisers the idea of a photo calendar may seem somewhat quaint, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it is, in many ways, the very best way of keeping track of your time and the dates that are most important. It won’t break down, run out of battery power or accidentally lose all of your information, and ‘updating’ it is as simple as picking up a pen or pencil. Personalised calendars take this idea of convenience and practicality and ally it to something that is both visually pleasing and emotionally resonant.

Photo calendars occupy a vital place in virtually every home in the country. A monthly calendar makes it simple to keep track of all of the important dates scattered throughout the course of a year – things like medical appointments, school holidays, bill payment dates. Any event which you need to remember can be jotted down in a matter of seconds and consulted just as quickly, in a manner which will aid the smooth running of any household and mean that you never miss a birthday, anniversary or vital meeting.

In fact, if there’s a downside to calendars such as these it lies in the actual images which are used. After all, it’s going to be hanging on the wall of your house or stuck to the fridge with a magnet, and you’ll be looking at it more or less each and every day throughout the year, so wouldn’t it be nice if it was actually something which you enjoyed looking at? All too often, a photo calendar purchased from a high street newsagent, a stationers or even a specialist supplier will be decorated with bland, boring images falling into clichéd types such as dull landscape pictures or saccharine shots of puppies and kittens.

Until now, people have tended to put up with this, accepting it as just one of those things but, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t publically display any other pictures we didn’t find appealing or in some way meaningful, so why should the fact that this particular picture happens to be attached to a useful organisational tool make any difference? The answer lies in the world of personalised calendars, and the fact that it is now possible for absolutely anyone to fashion a calendar which not only does the job it’s meant to do, but also looks appealing, or comes with images which mean something to the person who is using it.

It’s possible to put together a calendar using absolutely any images you wish, so you can choose between one which features views of your favourite landmarks, one which uses a different picture of your own children for every month of the year, and one which mixes holiday snaps with family portraits in a way which tells the story of a family through the course of the year that’s just gone by. In fact, you don’t even have to choose. Such is the flexibility of the process that you could mix and match all of these options, or else get one of each printed and hand two out as gifts, keeping one for your own use.

Calendar printing, which was once the preserve of professional companies with expensive equipment, is now within the reach of anyone, and the software is so advanced that every single feature of the calendar can be tweaked and altered. What this means is that the choice of images is only the beginning. The layout, the colour scheme and the graphic appearance are all in your hands as, indeed, is the month upon which the calendar starts, meaning that one which is given as a gift can be printed to start in the very month of the recipients’ birthday, a wonderful personal touch which only serves to highlight the thoughtfulness of the gift.

There’s no longer any need to settle for having the look of your kitchen or study brought down by a photo calendar which simply doesn’t fit and has no meaning for you. Personalised calendars are the perfect combination of the practical and the pleasing – something which will the warm the heart of whoever uses it each and every time they do so.

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Bonusprint has been in the photo printing and framing business for many years, always believing in offering a top quality service for a truly competitive price. It is a shame to leave photos in the digital domain when they can be so cheaply reproduced as photo calendar, a framed print, a poster or, like a work of art, calendar printing.