Everest Three Pass Trek is a very challenging trek route of the Everest Region. It is at some very high altitude and it is a very adventurous trek of Everest Region. This Three Pass trekking offers you an amazing experience of nature with the view of various himalayan ranges, beautiful villages and the people of the himalayan.


  • An amazing trail to do trekking
  • Best mountain flight to the Lukla Airport (Tenzing Hillary Airport)
  • The National Park of the Nepal Sagarmatha National Park which is also in the list of World Heritage Sites.
  • climb the stunning three passes of the Everest Region Renjo La Pass, Cho La Pass, Kongma La Pass on the 5000m over the sea level.
  • Explore the mesmerizing view of the largest glaciers of Nepal and the Gokyo Ri, Namche Bazar, Oldest Tengboche Monastery.
  • Different enthic groups and their different cultural
  • Perfect sunrise from the best viewpoint of the region Kala Patthar


    Everest Three Pass trekking is a very ambitious trekking trail of the region because this is a trekking combination of the three main passes of the Khumbu region along with many valleys. It is not only three high pass trek but this trekking includes other amazing trekking trails of Everest Region like: Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Valley Trek etc. Everest Three Pass trekking is much more difficult and challenging than Classic Everest Base Camp trekking. The three passes Renjo La, Cho La and Kogma La are each over 5,000m.

    This trekking start from the Lukla Airport (Tenzing Hillary Airport) and from there you will head towards the Namche Bazar where you will stay to get rest for the other hard trekking days. On the way you will walk along with Dudha Khoshi River. After crossing the Chhukung valley via Dingboch you will reach the first pass of the trekking Komgna La. You can see some amazing views from there and start to move and reach the lobuche and from there to Everest Base Camp. and the Dzhong Lha village and from there you will reach the second pass Cho La Pass.
    After leaving the second pass you will move forward to the third and most difficult trekking pass Renjo La Pass its very tought pass to trek but you get a huge rewarded of amazing views of the Himalayan ranges and the perfect view of the Mt.Everest and the magical Gokyo Lake at the same time. and you will climb the Gokyo ri as well. This trekking experience will be a perfect way to know about the Khumbhu Region and the mountains.

    Best Time to Travel

    choosing the best time for the three pass trekking is most important but you can do trekking over there all the days in year. But just get to know about the weather conditions and change of the climate there and prepare yourself for the trekking with some basic physical training as well.

    Summer Season

    Summer Season is the hottest season in Nepal. Trekking in this season will make you feel a little difficult because of the sunny and hot weather. On the way, you can see some amazing views of the himalayan and the valley of the Khumbu region. But summer brings the rainy season along with it and the rainy season makes the trails very muddy, sloppy and dirty to walk. Trekkers need to be very careful on the way they trek on this mixup season.

    Spring Season

    This is the most demanding season of the trekkers. In spring the weather will be so amazing and perfect to go in the himalayan areas. This is the time of new growth of nature and you can see greenery all over around you on the whole trek. You will walk in the lush green forest with the beautiful waterfalls and cascades on the way to the trekking. In spring you can hear the happy sound of the birds and the other flying creatures. The view of the himalayan peaks and the natural wonders will be very clear.

    Autumn Season

    This is the perfect season to do every trekking in Nepal. Most of the trekkers prefer this season to trekking. The weather this season will be so pleasant and amazing to do trekking. You can see some amazing panoramic views of the himalayan peaks and the clear view of the green valley, hills and the mountains. This is the best season to trek and autumn is the time of the festival in Nepal. so you can be part of the festival and celebrate with the local people of the himalayan.

    Winter Season

    Winter season is the hardest season to trek in himalayan areas. The weather will be very cold like freezing cold and it makes your trekking journey so hard and in winter there will be so heavy snowfall and that can make you feel hard the trekking. Snow can block your trails and ice clips can fall on you so just be careful on this season. But the best part is the trails will be less crowded, you can get night stay easily and the view of the white shinee snow will make your trekking amazing.

    Trek Difficulty

    while Three pass trekking is not an easy trek. You need to be prepared so hard for it. This trekking take you to in very high altitude level so altitude sickness will be a problem for you surely. and the cold over there will be extreme. You need to get some AMS tips and warm clothes before you start the trekking. The trails are different of this trekking so you need to be fit by physical as well.
    In the trekking days, walk slowly if you want to make your trekking less difficult. Make your mindset strong and listen to what your guide says to you. He is the person with experience so listening to him will be useful for you. Don't drink hard drinks while walking in high altitudes. It will make you feel sick and they would be a problem for you.

    Accommodation & Food

    During the three pass trekking you can stay at the lodge or at the teahouse. The room will be basic. Getting a single room will be a little difficult but if you want then you can talk to the owner and take a single room for yourself. all the rooms will be clean and warm for the guest.
    While food is so important part of the trekking you will have breakfast and dinner at the lodge or at the teahouse. You can have some delicious Nepali Foods, Thakali Foods and some international food like Indian Foods Continental Foods and some fast foods as well and you can have some good drinks like: teas, hot chocolate, coffees and some soft drinks as well.

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