We have often heard they hurt my feelings or if that happened I would finally be happy. What someone did or what happened is just an event, it is our story about it our beliefs about it that create our feelings.

Some clarity on the difference between events and stories.
Events just are what they are. Stories are created by our thoughts and beliefs about the event.

The event has no feelings, no drama, it is, just what it is.
The stories we create about the event have feeling and emotions.

What’s interesting is that two or more people can be at the exact same event and have completely different stories and feelings about the event. Which story is true? None of the stories are true, they are just stories. That might be hard to believe especially if you have invested thoughts, beliefs and emotions in the story about the event, you know your story is true, it’s the other persons story that is false. The other person will swear no it’s your story that’s false, their story is the ultimate truth.

I would encourage you to explore that there is no ultimate truth, but just stories and that no story is more valid than any other.
Another interesting point is that you cannot have a feeling or emotion without a story creating the feeling.

Some have mentioned what about the facts of life; birth, death, marriage ,etc.. you notice none of those have an emotion attached to them until we wrap a story around it. Feel the word birth by itself, there is nothing until you think of the story associated with the birth of your own child. Then you expand the story and start thinking of the story around being a parent and the stories of responsibility and before you know it you have a novel of emotions and feelings.

It sometimes gets easier to relate with our children, if we can remove our story of being a parent and remove the story of them being our child. Just see each other as fellow human beings will give some wonderful clarity on what we would like to do, rather than what we emotionally feel we have to do. (just a thought, being human is also full of stories)

Once we realize that our experiences are created by our stories and that stories are very relative and changeable based on the view point we are seeing the event from, we can change the experience by changing the story.
When a person can recognize that there is no ultimate truth and that what they believe is a truth, is just story, the easier it is to move from feeling like a victim without control, to someone that can deliberately direct their life.

It’s important to remember that you can’t have a feeling without a story creating it, no story, no feeling. Our stories are wonderful allowing us to feel so many different feelings and add so much variety to this game we call life.

Most of the time we take these stories so seriously, that we think they are real and get ourselves trapped in them. If we could remember when we were children, we knew we were just making up the stories and they weren’t real. Our stories served the purpose for the moment and once we were done with that moment, we let that story go and created a new one.
Remember playing as children, I’m the good guy and you’re the villain this time and we would play and have so much fun and then change rolls the next time around. We were so serious while playing but when it was done, we remembered we were just playing.

I know that what you have been feeling, feels so real, but remember, they are just stories, no more real than any other story you could create about a particular event. Try to see the event from a different view point and this will help you create a new story of the event. As you’ve heard before, put yourself in the other persons shoes, that will give you some insights on creating a new story.

The easiest way to achieve happiness is to realize;
You are not who you think you are, you only experience life through who you think you are.

So the question should be, who do I want to be in this moment?
Then decide, what you must believe to create that moment.

The questions of Who Am I?, Why Am I Here? Are just beliefs and thoughts. Rather than let automatic programming determine the answers to those questions, deliberately chose the beliefs to answer those questions. Remember the answers to those questions will change. The only ultimate truth, is that there is no ultimate truth, just Beliefs & Stories (B.S. for short).
You can create a belief in the present moment that will be your truth, until you decide to create a new truth.

Don’t hold onto old beliefs just because you think it is a truth, it’s just a belief.

So let’s write some fun stories!

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