A clear driving record is important for any driver to get car insurance policy. This does not necessarily mean that a driver with red marks in his driving record cannot apply for an auto coverage plan. The bad driving record does indicate that the driver is reckless and tends to face tickets and accidents more than any other. So bad driving record is considered high-risk factor among car insurance providers and generally insurers do not approve insurance application of such drivers. But no need to lose hope as there are many who provide bad driver car insurance policies in such cases.

Considering the high risk of ensuring a bad driver, the premium rate will go higher for such drivers. There are different parameters the insurers apply to calculate the risk factors of a bad driver. The age, gender, and experience being the primary factors have the most impact. For car insurance for bad drivers, novice teenager male driver is a high-risk factor than anything. They do not have any driving history and tend to rash driving easily. Even drivers who have to stay behind the steering are considered bad drivers than those who have less mileage. You can easily opt for car insurance discount for low mileage if you do not use your car very often.

Depending on the impact of the parameters and the number of time a driver has applied for damage compensation of car, the premium rate for a bad driver is calculated. Also, a bad driver has to pay higher premium rate every time he applies for compensation. Many insurers have said that this practice has improved the records of many drivers. There are many traits the insurers consider for the bad driving record which in general are very normal to everyone. If a person has a habit of attending phone calls or using mobile phones or tablets, then the driver is considered a bad driver. Also driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered the worst trait for bad driving history auto insurance plan.

Gender and age are important for bad driving records. It has been seen that women are safe and focused drivers than any male driver. A teenager is a high-risk driver than a middle-aged experienced one. Teenagers mostly like rash driving which can cause accidents and violation of traffic rules. Even some insurers consider teenagers with good academic records as safe drivers and offer a discount to such people. They say that those who are good in academics can stay focused on the road while being behind the steering. Even those who drive super fast cars are considered high-risk drivers than average drivers as they can easily speed up and face dangerous accidents. For such drivers, the insurers offer high-risk bad driver car insurance policies which come with a really high monthly premium. If you have red marks in your driving record, then it is best to research for such insurers.

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Anna Parton is professional Financial Adviser in United States. She is independent women and also part of NGO.