Thyroid is an important gland which is located in the middle of our neck. This small apple shaped gland is responsible for controlling mostly all of the body’s metabolic processes. In order to perform its metabolic functions effectively, thyroid gland produces hormones mainly called thyroxine which help in breaking down the food that we eat into smaller particles for proper digestion and metabolism.

However, as we age, L-thyroxine production in thyroid gland tends to decline owing to different reasons and circumstances. The decline of this vital thyroid hormone results in a condition called hypothyroidism leading to a host of other problems and symptoms such as weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, constant fatigue, brittle nails, joint stiffness, muscle pain, poor concentration, memory loss, depression and a general lack of energy feeling of ill health.

Women more than men and that too women over the age of 40 years are more susceptible to hypothyroidism weight gain mainly caused to underactive thyroid gland or insufficient production of thyroid hormones. As per the estimates, as many as 15 to 20% of women over the age of 60 may have subclinical hypothyroidism, which makes hypothyroidism a common and alarming problem among elderly women.

These statistics indicate the need for treatment. As hypothyroidism is a condition related to the production of hormones in the body, treatment for underactive thyroid gland therefore depends on hormone replacement therapy.

Whatever the cause of your hypothyroidism, it results in hormone deficiency which requires hormone replacement.
Eutirox also known as l thyroxine synthroid is a synthetic hormone that adds and fulfills your body’s supply of thyroxine and thus helps in erardicating all symptoms related to underactive thyroid gland such as fatigue, reduced levels of energy to memory, sleep and concentration problems to a gain of weight and menstrual issues.

Thyroid and weight gain

You must be wondering how come an underactive thyroid lead to excess weight gain. Well there is an interesting relationship between thyroid and weight gain. As the thyroid releases a hormone known as thyroxine, which is able to control the metabolism, the rate at which we change what is eaten into energy along with our fat-burning abilities, insufficient thyroxine can lead to excess weight gain.

As eutirox is a safe thyroid medicine, it has very few side effects. The mild side effects if eutirox include nausea, headaches, insomnia, stomach upset etc. However, if you experience extreme chest pain, difficulty breathing or trouble in concentration or hazy thinking while taking eutirox, call your doctor immediately.

Eutirox 50 mg is the recommended dose for people suffering from hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid gland. In case you are looking for a solution for age related thyroid decline and symptoms, just a small regular whole thyroid supplement can help.

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