Mumbai is always known as a city of high literacy rate recording almost 86% of the total population. The city is a home to a large number of great schools which have been ranked in the top 10 list of schools in India. Schools in Mumbai are either run by the BMC or the private trustees and individuals and are affiliated to either state board, ICSE board CBSE board or NIOS Board.

The educational standard of these schools are highly reliable and ensures overall personality development of students. They are known for English medium of instructions and coeducational facilities while there are certain schools that primarily focus on either girls or boys. This separate education gives an opportunity to students to discover their talents without any fear and on the other hand teachers are able to devote their full attention on like minded people. Schools like Cathedral and John Connon School, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, R.N Podar School, Ryan International School, Mahapragya Public School, Matoshree Kashiben Vrajlal Valia International Vidyalaya and many more produces technologically advanced and physically active people.

Boys schools in Mumbai focus on:

» Forming the men of a substance.

» Developing the imaginative, affective and creative human being.

» Nurturing the values and positive attitude of a person.

» Assisting in the growth of healthy self image.

Such schools are started as the holy work of Catholic Church and are responsible for serving the whole nation. Since these schools are entirely devoted towards training the boys, they are not academic centric. Boys learn more via practical activities which is why these schools have special sports curriculum and extra curricular activities. Choral recitation, yoga, football, carom, ashaghad, canteen day, exhibition, western music, excursions, book fairs, school choir and debates are organized from time to time in order to enhance the hidden talents of these students.

Similarly girls schools in Mumbai are dedicated towards their academic excellence and recognizing the uniqueness of each child. The vibrant and evolving curriculum meets the daily enhancing needs of the students. Dedicated entirely towards enrichment of women, girls schools emphasize on molding the students in a value based individual. These schools provide girls an opportunity to grow in a God centered atmosphere and lay a great emphasis on education, moral, physical and psychological development of girls.

Independent thinking, self expression, social consciousness and global perspective combined with innovative, dynamic and relevant approach are the core values of girl centric schools. Schools are based on the philosophy that education is not a system of structured pattern; else it tunes the child heart for listening the cry of life and find out the echo as well as response in her heart.

Helping the students to do creative work and develop the lively sense of curiosity brings about a holistic development of ones personality. Students become socially responsible citizens of this dynamic world.

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