When your house stumps have worn out or have spoiled due to excess moisture content in the soil, you need to replace the stumps without further delay. It's wise to opt for restumping, especially when you are planning for a house renovation. With time, the house stumps degrade in quality and gets damaged due to the added structural pressure. With restumping, your house can stand the test of time.

When Do You Need to Restump Your House?

Do you notice cracks in the exterior walls? Are the floors uneven?

Unless your house is built on solid concrete stumps, you have to set aside a big amount for restumping in the future. Restumping a house isn’t a child’s play. If it’s not done in a proper order, it can bring devastating effects to your house in the long run.

Typical Signs When You Need to Restump Your House

  • Continuous cracking in the interior walls is an indication that your house needs restumping.
  • If you suddenly come across uneven or bowed floors, that calls for restumping.
  • Exterior cracks and structural damage is an indication that your house needs restumping.

Each house is constructed on different soil textures; therefore; it will show deterioration in multiple ways. If the stumps are weak and untreated from the beginning, it can result in partial or complete collapse of the building in the future.

If you don’t want to spend extra bucks in restumping the entire house, you can partially restump a few areas which are severely damaged. However, some stumps that may appear to be in good condition can betray you and collapse sometime later, requiring further restumping. So, it's better not to invite unwanted risks instead, get the whole structure restumped.  

What Are Covered Under Restumping?

Restumping involves resetting or replacing the existing rotten stumps and uplift the structure. At first, the contractor will identify the damaged stumps that need to be replaced. During the process, the floor levels are thoroughly examined. After that, the house is slightly jacked up and this change of movement can lead to damaged plaster, tiles, doorframes and other issues.

Nowadays, the companies offering restumping in Geelong use concrete stumps that are more durable compared to wood stumps.

Be Wise to Choose the Best Stumping Option

In recent days, most of the houses are restumped using concrete stumps or galvanized steel stumps. They are not susceptible to frequent damages, termite attack and wear and tear like wood. On the other hand, steel stumps offer the ease of installation and are easily adjustable. Due to this reason, steel stumps are a preferred choice and its worth time and money as well.   

How Much Does It Cost to Restump Your House?

The cost of restumping depends upon a lot of factors, for example, the size and layout of your building, the location, soil health, floor space and many more.

Final Words

While it can be an expensive venture, it’s better to hire professional contractors, who can do it with perfection and excellence. Restumping is a tedious and challenging job, so it’s better to get it done properly to ensure the constructional integrity of your property.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a professional working in a leading company providing house restumping in Geelong and has written various blogs on the benefits of restumping in Geelong.