A simple legal document in plain English is already difficult for many of us to comprehend. Imagine having them in an entirely foreign language. There’s no space for errors when it comes to documents involving the law. In this article, we’ll be touching on the essentials of a certified legal translation service.

What legal documents need to be translated in Singapore?

Patents, trademarks, legal agreements are key legal documents requiring quality translation service.

Legal documents are not restricted to just written words on paper. It also encapsulates documents in a virtual format like a text message, media like photos and videos, and even other hard-copy documents like receipts.

All these documents can be sent to you in another language which will be hard to understand; they need not be in English during the discovery stage of the trial. It only needs to be in English in Singapore’s courts once it’s presented in the courtroom itself.

Thus, this can leave you blindsided which puts you at a disadvantage.

Contrary to popular beliefs, legal documents are involved more often out of the court than in it.

When you run a business, contracts and terms & conditions agreements need to be written up from time to time. Having a translator that specialises in legal translation service can be very helpful in these situations.

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