Is your end of lease period round the corner? Not knowing where to begin? Do not worry as this article will guide you how to undertake thorough end of lease cleaning of your rented property:

  • What is the need of End Of Lease Cleaning?

Understanding the importance of end of lease house cleaning in Kew will help your secure your bond amount to entirety. If the manager sees any traces of stain then he or she will deduct some percentage of your bond money. Hence it is best to leave such chores in professional hands as they know the best ways to handle such tasks.

  • General To-Do List:
  • Cleaning all the lights, fans and air conditioners is very crucial to secure your bond money via thorough house cleaning in Brighton.
  • Scrub the doors and windows
  • Vacuum clean the floors, carpets and other upholsteries
  • Undertake spot cleaning of the lights and switches and remove all possible traces of cob webs
  • Do not forget to mop the hardwood floors
  • Pay attention to the aircon and ducted vents; if possible seek professional help for the same.
  • Kitchen Cleaning:
  • Start with the cupboards and drawers, clean with a dry cloth followed by using of a wet cloth
  • Work on to get rid of the stubborn stains from the gas stove, rings and knobs
  • Sanitise the sink and thoroughly clean the drainage holes
  • Thoroughly mop the floors and remove any trace of stains
  • Pay special attention to the cleaning of the fridge and the ovens!
  • Bathrooms and Toilets:
  • The bathrooms vanities must be cleaned as a compulsory part of end of lease cleaning in South Yarra.
  • Spruce the cupboards and the drawers
  • Exhaust fan and the other lighting amenities must be wiped with a clean and dry cloth
  • Clean away the mirrors and the tiled walls and floors.
  • Pay Attention to the Laundry Area:
  • Special attention is given to the laundry area at the time of end of lease cleaning in Mernda. Clean the drawers and racks both inside out.
  • Get rid of soap residues from the laundry tubs
  • Clean away the taps and other faucets as well as the washing machine equipment
  • Thoroughly scrub off the floors to make them pristine clean!
  • Other Important Key Areas:
  • Garage: The garage receives a lot of wear and tear as a result of which it becomes weary of its state. Thorough cleaning of the floors and timely removal of cob webs is absolutely essential.
  • Patios and Decks: The patios are the major highlight of the outdoor area so rendering it clean is absolutely important. Sweeping and mopping of floors, railings and removal of cob webs from the lighting is crucial.


When it comes to deep and intensive cleaning, especially at the time of house removals, then it is highly recommended to consult professionals for the same! Such professionals ensure 100% bond back guarantee! So make it a point to look for trustworthy and licensed end of lease cleaning professionals, especially those who come from reputed companies.

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The author provides useful advice on house cleaning in Brighton and Kew. Pay heed to the author’s advice at the time of end of lease cleaning in South Yarra and Mernda.