Persuasive essay also called as argumentative essays are written for the sole purpose of convincing the readers about a particular point of view. In order to convince a reader, one has to develop sturdy arguments that are supported by powerful evidences. This is why, writing a persuasive essay sometimes becomes a challenge for the students.

Persuasive essay writing generally depends on the nature of the topic, if you have firsthand knowledge about the topic then writing persuasive essays would be just like the back of your hands and if you don’t know then it will turn into a nightmare for you. So, it is advisable that just to impress the teacher don’t go for complex titles because you won’t be able to do justice with it. We are therefore providing you with some tips or you can say rules for writing a persuasion essay. Follow them and see the difference!

1- The thesis statement of persuasive essay writing should be in the form of a statement that should be quite interesting so as to grab the attention of the readers.

2- The biggest flaw that has been noticed in the persuasive essay writing is the use of personal opinion, here you are not allowed to incorporate your opinion, instead you have to research and based on it develop reliable arguments.

3- When you are completed with the introductory statement you should at least provide three to four topic sentences that would support the paragraph, if it is well developed and well- written then there is a possibility that you won’t need much effort to convince the readers.

4- Latest stats would add to the credibility of your persuasive essay writing, you can also provide some case studies, historical data, interview etc. so as to prove that your claims are right.

5- Creating a persuasive essay outline would be a good idea because the hap hazard essay would only confuse the readers so it is crucial that you have a plan of action in your hands, it will also save you from writing any contradictory statements that would lead the reader astray.

6- To make it more interesting and worth reading, try to use transition words in the essay. Transition words also play a role of a connector that links the entire paragraph with each other.

7- Keep the flow of the essay in one direction, whatever the final result of your essay is, make sure you are adding anything new in the essay because it will take the minds of the reader somewhere else.

8- The persuasive essay topics should be something like this: should marijuana be made legal? This is how you would intrigue the reader to keep on reading the rest of the essay.

Hence, if you will follow the preceding suggestions then you will be able to write your argumentative persuasive essay in no time. There are some other connotations as well that one should consider while writing persuasive essay but the preceding ones are the major ones, go through them and see how much they can be of help to you.

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