Did you ever a meet a person who is engaged and actively living his or her soul purpose? Such a person radiates calmness, grounded energy and a natural joy about life even when difficult circumstances arise.

How can you cultivate and root your spiritual self such that you also manifest this kind of bright elevated energy?

Essential oils can be very helpful in changing the vibration of energy.

Often, people might carry the energy of old karma, spiritual lessons and energetic consequences from past experiences or life times. Oils such as frankincense and myrrh are resin oils that can heal old lessons and wounds.

Other people might store the energy of experiences in their spleens and stomach, manifesting chronic digestive issues. The oils of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg can be helpful to nourish and soothe the spleen, especially when combined with “liver friendly” oils such as peppermint and lavender. When the spleen is rooted, the spiritual intelligence held in that organ can bloom to increase your sense of intuition and higher knowledge that comes from a more solid energy connection with God.

How is spiritual intelligence different from cognitive intelligence? Spiritual intelligence is information and understandings that come from your spirit and do not necessarily follow logic. It is that sense you get that perhaps you should take an alternate route of travel, and later find out there was a horrible accident on the usual path you take. Thus, spiritual intelligence is more intuitive than logical, while cognitive intelligence tends to be more logical than intuitive.

Spiritual intelligence is also responsible for those who have gifts in the spiritual and energetic arts without formal training or exposure to the techniques of these arts. For example, my oldest brother can fa chi (a skill used in martial arts to move an opponent without physically touching the person) but he has not had any exposure to this art or training. So, one might say his spiritual intelligence provides him with the knowledge of this skill because it does not come from any cognitive exposure to the art.

When we are able to allow ourselves nourishment emotionally, physically and spiritually, our spleens root our spiritual intelligence, and we naturally become more intuitive and trusting in our approaches to life. Our perception of stress then decreases, which then furthers even more balance with the spleen.

Qi Gong Movement

Another way we can root our spiritual self is through qi gong movement. The “Open Heart Qi” movements shown on the online DVD on the National Qi Gong association website, is a wonderful practice to open the heart and spirit so that you can receive God’s blessings and abundance more fully in terms of rooting your spirit and calming anxiety.

Anxiety tends to rise when we do not have a strong connection through hearts and faith in our ability to walk and create the life that God intends for us to live. Doubt, insecurity, sadness, low self esteem can energetically unroot our spirits in the heart center and lead us to a more stressful space where we worry and feel anxious.

Performing the “Open Heart Qi” movement can help release egoic feelings and thoughts that do not serve growth, and build and bloom aspects of self that are fully aligned with faith, and a higher will. Thus, true confidence blooms with the knowledge that you are empowered to embrace and manifest the life that God intends for you.

Author's Bio: 

Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT is an advanced certified practitioner of qi gong movement and medical qi gong bodywork.

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