Have you ever had the awareness of how truly amazing you are? There probably have been those moments where you did. Yet if you are like the majority of individuals on this planet, you probably spend a whole lot of time defining yourself by the things you think are wrong about you.

What if none of that is you? What if it never has been? The capacity for you to judge you is something you were taught by this reality. You had to learn how to do it. We learn how to judge ourselves by what we see, hear and perceive others doing. This is reinforced before we are even born, but the seeds were planted in other lifetimes.

Based on erroneous ideas we bring with us from one lifetime to the next, we choose our parents and family to match the judgments we already have. As they are reinforced, we continue to choose friends and others to keep the judgments locked in. We make lots of choices that show up as circumstances that validate our judgments.

How different would your world be if you were willing to have the awareness that you are an amazing gift? How different would being you be, if every time something came up that wasn't working for you, you were willing to have the awareness that is wasn't you, did not define you, or even mean anything about you? It would be very different! It would be so much more fun being you. It would be so much easier to change the energy of everything that isn't working.

The essence of you is the awareness and energy of caring, gratitude, nurturing, choice, joy, receiving, total allowance and potency that excludes nothing and includes everything. Sound yummy? Ah yes… it is. Here is a simple tool you can use to open your awareness. If you perceive it as light, it's an awareness and it's you. If you perceive it as heavy, it's a judgment and an illusion. The essence of you is the gift you are for you, if you are willing to have it.

From one infinite being to another – Cathy

Author's Bio: 

Hi, this is Cathy Cole. I am a Consciousness Facilitator and I specialize in empowering people to have more awareness and more choice to change and create life in ways that can show up as more joy, more success, greater peace, more money, better sex, more nurturing or more of whatever you would love to have - and most of all more ease with everything and a greater sense of being.