It’s a big step to immigrate to an unfamiliar country. Thankfully, there are some immigration agents available online and offline who can help the people to immigrate abroad for travel, study or work purposes.

The first step any person has to go through is to take the IELTS test. IELTS is a test to check the proficiency of the English language of a person because the foreign countries check the IELTS test caliber of a person when they have to allow a person to migrate to their countries. The person has to take the IELTS test in any case whether he wants to study, work or travel in a novice country.

Nowadays there is a various form of tests available to check the English language skills of a candidate. The various forms of the test are –


The applicants have to first crack the test of IELTS if they want to go abroad. The applicants if feel that they are weak in the English language, they can ask for help from various IELTS tutors online. There is a number of IELTS tutors accessible online from whom the English competency classes could be taken, that can help the applicants to get good bands in IELTS test.

The IELTS tutors online provide best tips on all modules of IELTS test such as IELTS essay writing task tips, reading task tips, speaking strategies and also the best tricks to fetch good bands in a listening module. The candidates can also go for offline classes for there are some best institutes that work hard for their students so that their students can easily get required bands in IELTS test.

If you are the one who is preparing for IELTS test, can opt to get these classes.

Let’s now see how IELTS is important to study, work and migrate to foreign countries like Canada, Australia, America.

1. Useful at every stage of life– As IELTS computer-based test is taken to migrate to the new countries, but its importance should not be overlooked. Because it will not help a potential candidate to emigrate to Abroad but also the general English test will help the candidate to polish his English understanding skills. Various schools, colleges, employers worldwide ask for English speaking caliber of candidates when they hire a new person for a company or admit a student into a college or school. So, this test useful at every stage of life.

2. Certification widely recognized– After getting good grades in the IELTS test, the candidate is given TRF (Test report form) which is a certificate in English Language Competency that is widely recognized over the world.

3. Enrolment in best universities abroad– For the students, who want to pursue higher education from the best universities over the globe, IELTS test act as a pathway to get enrolled in the world’s best institutes. As the top-notch universities over the world will ask for the IELTS scores from a student when they will enroll any student in their university or a college. The foreign universities and colleges ask for the IELTS scores because they want to know that if their students could speak and conversate in the English language with ease or not.

4. Visa for work abroad– The foreign countries will first check the IELTS competency scores of the people who want to migrate to their nations for work purposes. If the candidates have good IELTS scores, they will consider that the potential individual is capable enough to work in their countries. Good English language skills are considered as an asset of every person because he or she will feel easy to get settled in any nation where the English language is the first language to be spoken over there.

Different IELTS scores need for different countries for work purposes–

UK – For UK, the applicants must score at least 6.5 bands in all the four components of the IELTS test.

Australia – There is a need for an overall band score of 4 or higher to a get work permit in Australia.

Canada – The band scores varies with the different working organizations. Generally, the hiring organizations set their band standards for different working sectors.

5. To get PR (Permanent Residence)– The first step to achieving PR of any foreign country is to crack the IELTS exam first. People generally take the IELTS test and migrate to other countries. There are top-notch courses eligible for PR in Australia, by pursuing those courses, any person can become eligible to get PR in Australia.

Not only this, there are also some of the top courses for PR in Canada which the potential individuals can pursue to get eligible for PR in Canada. Foreign Government agencies ask for IELTS scores when they grant PR to a novice person.

6. International reputation– If a person achieves good bands in IELTS test, it will enhance the repo of an individual in the foreign nations. He or she will be easily hired or selected in the best educational institutes and hiring companies worldwide.

7. Skills migration Canada– The people who apply for immigration purposes under PNP which is called a Provincial Nominee Program. The files are accepted under this category taking into consideration the skills or the professional experience a candidate has achieved in the past years. So, if the candidate is thinking to apply under this category, the foreign Government will first check the IELTS score of a person only then he will grant PNP for a particular state in Canada.

8. Hone English skills– The person get good at the English language and they find easy to communicate with other persons in the English language. The English writing, speaking, reading, listening skills of a person get grounded up. In addition to this, It also enhances assignment writing skills of the students as students generally get a bundle of assignment writing tasks in their academic sessions for which they also take help from online assignment writing websites such as Assignment help Australia.

9. An opportunity to explore different cultures– The IELTS test will also help a person to explore different cultures over the world. Because if the person will have a thorough understanding of the English Language, he will easily understand the foreign culture and trends prevailing over there.

10. Offers scholarships– The British Council offers scholarships to the candidates sometimes. British Council IELTS awards are given to the students who score striking bands in the IELTS tests. Amounts differ according to the countries. In the year 2015, The British Council gave approx. 3 lakhs ($4640 USD) each to 10 students. IELTS scholarships are awarded to the best educators, researchers, linguist worldwide based on their competency.

So, if a person is thinking to settle, migrate, study or work abroad will have to take the IELTS test first. After cracking the IELTS test, the person can opt any option out of the study, work, immigrate to other countries. Apart from these benefits, the IELTS test is not just a test to check the English language ability of a person but also it will change a person’s life fully as it is a gateway to so many big opportunities to a person. It will open a gate to a bright future for a person. There are some best countries for study abroad, the candidates can take help from immigration agencies or friends or peers to know which country will suit them best for studying purpose.

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