It is not without reason that the Indian astrology has been revered in every ancient culture and spitirual culture throughout the world. Indian civilisation has been perceived as one of the most mystically advanced and ancient India is full of anecdotes of amalgamation of the spirituality and energy structures. Ancient texts have mention of the essence of energy and its various forms in the human body and how these are interrelated to create the perfect physical existence in the mystical world.

People who have or had mastered the art of the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagabata and other texts in the past, will be able to tell about the vedic astrology and how it amalgamated with the energy bodies. Laymen today understand that there are celestial bodies or grahas and nakshatra which rule human life by their positions. In fact, much of the Vedic astrology is also based on these systems. New short term certification courses are also being provided in universities to carry out studies and researches in these subjects nowadays. But these are aspects of human life, which are evident and hide the factor of energy bodies in the human existence.

With various scientific researches going on about the realm beyond physical existence and the supernatural powers, revelations about the deep set meanings of Indian astrology is gradually being unravelled. Psychics, or those with an advanced sensory system, are able to see the aura or the light around a person. According to the science of energy bodies, the process of energy healing, as it is said to be in Reiki, is a manifestation of the heightened sensory system.

Energy is stored in human body and allows it to work in day to day life. If marked carefully, every person in the world has rays flowing out from the physical body. Some, who have learnt to control their senses and have powers, will have a wider circle around them, while those in whom the energy is not channelized properly will have a weak flow around them.

Energy system in human beings is divided into energy bodies or subtle bodies, chakras or energy centres and nadis or energy channels. The nadi is represented by the veins, arteries and nerves through which the energy flows to different parts of the body. Chakras are the place where the vitality is received, stored and then transported. It is from the energy bodies that the ‘prana’ is derived and travels across the body.

In order to control one’s senses, people will have to first learn to bring the energy from the source to the chakras. Hypnosis is a form of meditative state where people are made to compose their minds and go into a trance state. In such a condition, the powers of the body are made to focus on a single point where energy healing is brought into force. Even the system of Reiki is largely dependent on such a healing process.

Vedic astrology has been replete with such stories of great saints and blessed individuals who could create magic with a simple touch of their hands. It is because of the existence of subtle energy bodies that there is a constant interflow of vitality from the humans to the bodies and vice versa. But, this energy is needed to be felt and realise, which is imbibed from strong belief and meditation. Extreme point of concentration can lead to a hypnosis state on which healing therapy is based by properly utilising the inner energy of human.

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