Are you totally confused about how to organize your essay? Do you know that the caliber of an essay is estimated by how well it is organized and composed?

Scattered in how to transit the essay writing ideas because you don’t have a right trail to follow?

All You Need to do to get over with all of your worries is to understand the Components of Essay Diagram to become An Essay Composition Master! And here goes the essay outline diagram with comprehensive step-by-step approach to allow you successful essay writing:


General Introductory Statement: You will begin by briefly introducing the topic of your article. This will be the first paragraph of your introduction, and this will tell the reader what the essay is about.

Introduction of Subject Matter (Author, Novel, Movie etc.): write a little about yourself in the second paragraph. Introduce your resources of information, and give some details about the procedure of your research.

Thesis: That clearly defines the purpose of essay paper.

Body Paragraphs:

Topic Sentence:

In the main body of the article, you will introduce the topic and then lunge into its details. Tell the reader why this topic has fascinated you, and how you have collected your information for the essay writing. You have to convince the reader that the topic will be of his interest too, and he will benefit from its reading.


You also have to tell the reader about your methodologies, about the way you got your information. The reader will always be curious to know your resources, so that he can easily determine the soundness of your essay.

Expression of a single idea controlling the entire paper!

While writing, you must not forget the main purpose of writing – to educate the reader. So you must strictly stick to the topic, and don’t try to answer to many questions in the same essay. This will make the essay look less organized. Try to answer only one question related to the topic.

Description, Explanation or Argument:

This is the lengthiest and most difficult section of the essay. Here you will place your argument on the topic. You will create a contrasting discussion in which you will place the views of other writers, and contrast their writing with your own argument. You will explain the research question, devise resolutions, and tell the readers how you came up to a certain resolution.


In this section, you will analyze all your findings and devise conclusions and put forward recommendations relating to the topic.

Brief Summary of Key Points:

This is the last section, and you will summarize all your discussions and arguments in this small section. Usually, this will be a brief outline of your entire essay, giving the reader a glimpse of the entire piece of writing.

In this way you can come up with a wonderful essay, which will hold the interest of the readers till the end. The interest of the reader plays a very important role in increasing the familiarity of your writing. If it is interesting and well written, the readers will recommend it to others as well. Understand components of essay diagram to plan your essay well.


To sum up, the structure of an essay is very important. Without proper structure and topic presentation, the reader will not find the essay attractive and interesting. Read this article carefully so that you can learn the important aspects of writing a successful essay.

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