eSports or electronic sports have emerged in recent years in an impressive way. There are people and organizations working to be considered an Olympic sport.

At the same time, a large number of people who think this simple entertainment should not be considered too seriously. However, large industries and large equipment stand around Online eSports. This generates one of the most important entertainment industries of the new millennium.

But how true is it that a video game can be positioned as a sport? Is it true that it goes beyond a fad and will become the new entertainment with thousands of fans?

And if so, how can you explain the popularity peaks that are diluted when a new competition title appears? We have prepared an analysis so you can draw your own conclusions.

Many years have passed and video games, as well as competitions, have evolved a lot. Especially in recent years since they have transformed into the boom that moves demographic and economic masses.

The eSports boom thanks to League of Legends

In 2011, the first League of Legends World Cup was held in a small joint and in conditions that do not resemble any show they have today. But the really interesting thing is that in so few years it was positioned as one of the most-watched eSports shows in the world.

eSports sport, fashion or entertainment?

And in turn, the community is so malleable that it turns to new fashions leaving behind other titles. That obviously leads to the fact that it is not possible to develop a competitive one because at all times one must start from scratch. This is what happened to LoL when the Battle Royale games, such as PUBG and Fortnite, became famous.

Without going any further two days after its launch, the new game Apex Legends has surpassed users and spectators on Twitch to Fortnite. What is this all about? Mainly to the vertiginous growth and evolution of technology. Nowadays it is impossible to remain still.

Most likely, video game competitors will not disappear. Being something new has its own evolution. And trying to understand them by comparing them with another sport or show is useless since they live on their own ground. You will surely evolve to your own measure and find your way of relating to your audience.

And in the long run companies have to adapt to the frantic future. Because otherwise they would be extinguished. And we must accept that we would not like that at all. As fans and lovers of video games we predict a spectacular future for electronic sports despite all these ups and downs.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover!