An exclusive prostitute costs seven thousand zlotys a night in poland
My name is Daria, and the second one: 500 euro a night - this is one of the luxurious Polish prostitutes, or rather escort girls. Since Daria not only has sex, but also participates in congresses (including international ones), business meetings, she can act as an interpreter or assistant, prepare a press review or tell about recently published books, accompany to the theater or while skiing together or advise on Daria works for the Polish branch of HotEscort - a network agency anonse the services of educated prostitutes around the world. The offers we found show that girls are usually under 25, have graduated or are still studying, know two or three Western languages well and look like models (they are often models). One of the most luxurious agencies employs girls with degrees in architecture, medicine, IT, banking and management. The most expensive Polish escort girls cost 600 euros for three hours of companionship, 1.2 thousand. euro per night, 5 thousand. euro for a week and 14 thousand. euro per month.
Rudolph Ingold, a French prostitution sociologist, believes that escort girls are the product of a specialization typical of modern times. In his opinion, this specialization will cause that in the future street prostitution or the so-called Fun districts will lose to girls from network agencies who will hire them not only for sex. Escort girls decide to engage in luxurious prostitution because in this way they meet influential people from the world of business, media and culture, prepare to run their own business or look for future business partners.

Sexual archaeological help
So far, four such agencies have been established in Poland, considered a world league. We got to the head of one of them - the Avocadoescorts agency founded in 2001. Five girls work at his agency. For example, Agnieszka is a student at the University of Warsaw, speaks fluent English and Spanish, and specializes in history and archeology. Wiktoria is an IT specialist, fluent in English, German, French and Japanese. She is a professional model and photographer. We established that her father has a large company. As the head of Avocadoescorts assures, in Poland, girls most often accompany clients at official meetings and banquets.
Avocadoescorts customers are mainly foreigners, mainly Americans, French and Japanese. Before the agency owner comes into contact with the girl, he conducts a kind of "interview" with the client in order to exclude situations that may threaten the escort girls. - Clients are not anonymous for us. Before a transaction takes place, we try to gather information about it. And this is sufficient protection for girls - says our interlocutor. The client usually has five minutes to welcome the escort girl. If he resigns during this time, he will only pay 200 euros. If he quits an hour later, he is already losing 30%. the agreed amount.

Sex Broker
Escort girls rarely work overtime. Most often they have orders for several days (there are also clients who rent girls for a month). The report "The French State and the Income from Prostitution", prepared by the Paris office dealing with people who have contact with law enforcement agencies, shows that escort girls earn up to PLN 20,000. euro per month.
Ingold researched ways of recruiting girls. Most often, agency representatives submit proposals to attractive students and interns, mainly in economics and marketing. The girls are encouraged not only by high earnings, but also by specialist medical care or the purchase of an insurance package.
The owner of Avocadoescorts ogłoszenia escort girls have been working in this profession for an average of a year. Later, they usually mate with a wealthy man they once accompanied, get a well-paid job or start their own businesses. Often times, clients favor their former paid mistress assistants.

Not only the body
A study by Jody Raphael of the Center for Impact Research for the Prostitution Alternatives Roundtable in San Francisco shows that better educated and wealthy prostitute clients are simply bored with girls who only offer sex. As much as 67 percent. of the respondents stated that they do not like sex without talking about interesting topics. In turn, 34 percent. Apart from sex, the respondents would like to have the pleasure of showing up with a girl at a conference or party.The respondents are single or divorced men aged 35-60 (earning over $ 250,000 a year). Similar trends are visible in Europe. As much as 78 percent Customers are not satisfied with the services offered in Amsterdam or Brussels lupanaras because they are not accompanied by anything but sex - according to a study by Francesca Bett

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