If a wasp started to chase someone and they didn’t want to be stung, they might end up running away. This could be a sign that they have been stung before and don’t want to go through the same experience all over again.

If they were to run away, it might only be a matter of time before they lose contact with the wasp. One will have then taken the right approach and they will be able to carry on with their life.

Everyday Life

When it comes to other areas of one’s life, they can also end up taking the same approach, and while this may allow them to carry on with their life, it might not. This is because it can take a while before one sees the effects on their actions.

For example, one could be in a relationship that is no longer fulfilling and they could simply walk away. Through putting this behind them, their life could soon improve and it won’t be necessary for them to look back.

Another Side

At the same time, one could be in a position where they find it hard to feel good about themselves, and this could then mean that they end up in a relationship. Through being with this person, it allows them to change how they feel and they can then forget about what was taking place before.

There are numerous other examples where one can be in a position where they are unable to appreciate life and through making a few changes, their life can be completely transformed.

A New Start

Based on this, it could be said that the only thing that one needs to do in order to change their life is to walk away from something. There is naturally going to be a difference if one is trying to change how they feel, but they will still be able to do this by changing their circumstances.

There is then no need to them to face anything or to work through how they feel; they simply need to turn a new page, so to speak. If one has this outlook, it could be something they have developed through paying attention to the people around them.


Perhaps one’s early years were a time when the people around them didn’t face anything, and went from one experience to another. Yet even if that wasn’t the case, one could have picked this up from the kind of conditioning they have received from the society that they live in.

In today’s world, there is no shortage of options when it comes to the kinds of things that one can engage in to avoid how they feel. In many ways, this is the norm; whereas if one was to face how they feel, they might be looked down upon.


If one was to spend a lot of time drinking, shopping, going to the gym or eating food, their behaviour might be overlooked. However, if one was to work with a therapist, other people could wonder what is wrong with them.

One could be seen as having ‘issues’ and these people can then come to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with them. Therefore, as they spend a lot of time covering up how they feel through engaging in things that are generally classed as acceptable, they can delude themselves into thinking that they have it all together.

Up Is Down, Black Is White

As a result of this, the person that is taking the healthy option and facing their own pain is seen as the person who is falling apart. Thus, being unhealthy is healthy and being healthy is unhealthy.

So instead of one facing themselves and believing that they are doing the right thing, they can end up feeling as though there is something wrong with them. This is then similar to one feeling ashamed for taking their car to the garage because their brakes don’t work.

The Difference

Yet while one could soon lose their life if they didn’t go down to the garage, the same can’t be said if they were to run away from their own life. When this happens, there is the chance that they will be able to carry on as normal.

But if this doesn’t take place, their life could get even better and there will be no need for them to think about what was taking place before. There will then be no reason for one to believe that they can’t run away from their past.

Time Delay

However, as times passes, there is a strong chance that what they have run away from will soon catch up with them. This could mean that their new relationship will end up like the one they just left or they could end up feeling like they did before, for instance.

One could then do what they did before and look for someone else or something else, or they could stop what they are doing and no longer run away. If they do what they have always done they will go through the whole experience again, but if they take a step back it will give them the chance to experience life differently.

Short-Term Pain

This could be a time where they have to work through a lot of pain and it will then be a lot for them to handle. Yet this is not something that will go on forever and their life will greatly improve in the long run.

On the other hand, if one was to carry on as they are it wouldn’t be as painful; the downside is that it wouldn’t come to an end. It is then case of short-term pain and long-term gain, or short-term gain and long-term pain.


If one is running away from themselves, it could be a sign that they need to work with a therapist. This will allow them to face what is within them in a safe and supportive environment.

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