Escape Mainstream investment strategy nonsense “The Message of Mediocrity"

If you want to earn those big time profits. Stop listening to main stream gurus that tell you save money and pay debts off first before investing in self employment. A vast majority of them preach paying off debts via saving money by making sacrifices. However; but saving ten bucks a week for the rest of your life just because you stopped drinking Starbucks isn't going to make you rich. As matter of fact don't invest another penny or dollars with them. Really in full honesty is that is not the genuine path towards wealth.
The dumbing down tactics of TV, radio personalities, bloggers, magazines articles, and on the front page of Yahoo Finance, a daily smattering of mediocre advice dispensed from mediocre people, all designed to keep you pinned down to a miserable existence of lack and deprivation. If you want a different type of life, you're going to need a different type of strategy, one that goes beyond the mainstream boondoggle of jobs, stock market investing, 401(k)s, and soul-killing frugality. They have little expertise or solid business building advice to give you real chances to succeed/

If you want to take control over your life and freedom-filled millionaire track, you need to start your own business, one that you can control and leverage by virtue of your own good decisions and hard work. entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to make a profit. "the owner or manager of a business enterprise who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make profits".[6] Entrepreneurs act as managers and oversee the launch and growth of an enterprise. Entrepreneurship is the process by which either an individual or a team identifies a business opportunity and acquires and deploys the necessary resources required for its exploitation. If not find a business that is for sale that has high positive cash flow and purchase it or finance it to acquire it.

Dump this Stupid Video Game Trap and Get Started. Stop trading your time for money Start Buying Your Time Instead of Selling It The fact is, millionaires buy time through legacy creation while the poor sell it through jobs If you want to get rich (which is a function of time) you not only need to own your own business, it must be the right business where TIME is subordinated and becomes your ally.

Quit going to war with time and make it your ally. Start creating and innovating legacy structures that exist on their own. Get out of the Entitlement Trap that Came Attached to Your College Degree

For most, that college degree guarantees you nothing other than a shit-ton of backbreaking debt and a lifetime of slave labor into a system designed to befit that illusion. Bottom line that most degrees are worthless. Your college degree doesn't signify a education, it signifies that you got brainashed

The fact is, your priorities are too mess-up to ever succeed at the entrepreneurial game if you watch American Idol and spend your time playing hackable Video games on your cell phone and Facebook.

what is important to you. Freedom.
No boss and no alarm clock.
Doing what I want, where I want.
Having NO mortgage without a freaking Gestapo HOA.
Walking into a store and not having price be an issue.
No debts.
No bills.
Writing and not worrying who I offend, or how many of what will sell.
Making a difference

Drop the Do What You Love Garbage

Your personal motives and "loves" to starting a business are absolutely irrelevant to the marketplace. Doing so is a predictor of failure
You really should know what the markets REALLY care about
Solutions! Value! Convenience! Satisfaction! Mindless entertainment! Feeling good! Looking good! Making money! Saving money! Problem avoidance. Sell what the markets provides and learn the skill-set of selling.

Fear of sales fear of selling. The nucleus to your success won't be your idea, your execution, or your value proposition: It will be your ability to SELL IT! Selling is the act of persuasion: You convince someone of value, and in return, they give you money, time, or an investment

Got a great product? You must sell it to potential customers!
Got a great idea? You must sell it to a potential partner!
Got a growing business? You must sell it to potential investors
Got a great story? You must sell it to a publisher!
Got a great job opening? You must sell it to potential employees

If you're not good at selling, writing, or communicating, Learn it. If your not willing to learn it then there is no reason you should be an entrepreneur.

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William Jaroske is Certified cash flow specialist of Charter Financial. A marketing trainer, Consultant, leader and mentor that unlocks the shackles of poverty into a empowered mindset. His website is William's Youtube channel is located here: