EXCEPT itself, the time has changed everything. From social norms of getting together to technological advancement for entertainment purposes, everything has yielded before the ethos of time and so has entertainment. The busy, hectic, boring mundane life has pushed general masses to seek entertainment beyond conventional tools and this quest has led to creation cum discovery of ESCAPE ROOM GAMES. Ones of its pioneers, Lisa Spira, and David Spira started the game as their engagement activity around 2010.

But almost in no time, it spread across the US like a jungle fire. The game is pretty unique in terms of its conditions, procedure, and terms to win it. In fact, it is a physical game in which players normally a couple or a group of friends or colleagues are asked to enter into a weird room.The windowless room is weird in the sense that it looks like a dungeon, or a cell, or underground cell, or a vault. The participants are given a puzzle to solve within a time period of an hour. The clues are hidden somewhere inside the weird room.

The search for clues is also pretty interesting as they are hidden in unusual and sometimes pretty bizarre places like under the carpet or on the book pages staked in the shelves or maybe answer of a simple mathematics sum could result in a clue to help solve the puzzle. Interestingly, the solution of the puzzle within one hour leads to opening the room or they fail.

THANKS to the interactive nature of the game, more and more people are getting to participate and play the game. In the US, for example, Mr. Ivan Leon in 2016 in Hollywood opened an escape hotel and employed actors to play the undead or semi-dead hotel service staff. According to the owner, the trend of enjoying escape room games is on the rise and will stay for a time. In united states, this trend is on top of the list in every state. I am living here in St Louis I always love to join my friends and love ones in St Louis Escape Room. "Drew Roberts" is the Director of Marketing for the Escape Room Business.

HERE interesting point is that it’s not just a traditional means of entertainment. In escape room, it is not just one hour packed with the suspense of the unknown, the fear of the unfolding horrific events, the gushing pace of adrenaline in the blood but it’s much more than that.Horror mongers of the Hollywood, in particular, find it a fun pack occasion. They love to show their skill in solving the puzzle as quick as possible. Similarly, there are folks who love to get together on some occasions to enjoy family time together. Escape room game provides them with such an opportunity to have fun in just one hour along with their beloved ones.

Escape room games offer family fun or family entertainment. Perhaps, that is the reason that the popularity graph of ESCAPE ROOMS is rising with the passage of time all over the world. Psychologically speaking, it is a full package having fun, the suspense of the unknown, sensation of horror that provides a vent for boredom and stress accumulated somewhere in the back of the mind.

As such, back in 2014, only 22 escape rooms were to be found in the US but by the summer of 2017, the escape rooms figure had crossed in 2000. Currently, there are more than 2300 escape rooms throughout the US and the number is steadily increasing.

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