The Manufacturing Industry of India has undergone a number of Developmental phases over the past few decades. From seeing a downturn to witness an up rise in its initial stages over the years, the industry has its share of ups and down in the process. So while manufacturing industry still contributes heavily in the national GDP and also provides employment to millions of people in the country, it has always stayed open to all the technological changes in advanced machinery and Modern techniques. As the manufacturing industry started to rise in 2013, many manufacturers are now looking forward to their Process improvement areas in the wake of increasing competition in the global market. One of these areas can be regarded as technology investments in modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) manufacturing software systems.

While Manufacturing ERP systems helps the Manufacturing unit to tackle a number of challenges and loads of other benefits, it also assist them in making a strategy to reduce costs, boost overall growth, restructure processes and secure a competitive advantage in the current global markets. ERP software further incorporates all business areas like materials and inventory, production, operations and sales, accounting and finance, etc. so that every business function depends on a single database. These further acts as an information center which provide correct and updated information in order to plan down the various strategies on order to achieve the common organizational goals. Following can be regarded as some of the reasons for manufacturing units to upgrade to modern ERP systems:

a)Rationalize Processes: As the Manufacturing units grow in size, their core processes becomes more complex in nature. ERP manufacturing software streamlines all business operations, delivering updated and accurate information.ERP also enhances efficiency and total output by helping users go through complex processes, avoiding data re-entry, and helps in upgrading various business functions such as production, order completion and delivery.
b)Cost Efficient: ERP software also cut down basic managerial and functional costs. It also enables manufacturers to steadily manage operations, avoid unwanted stoppages and delays, categorize the information pool and support the overall decision making in the process.
c)Flexibility: Modern ERP software systems are tough, executable and easily adaptable. While they are unique in features irrespective of the nature of the business, they can be altered as per the needs of the business in no time. Moreover, these ERP systems are more adaptable with the ever changing business world and still cater to the same as per requirement over a period of time.
d)Helps to stay in Competition. ERP systems may require some investment, but its benefits are huge and endless. Also with the ever growing competitive global markets, Manufacturers can’t really take a risk of getting off from ERP implementation while their competitors around are investing big time in ERP and getting the benefits out of the same over the next few years. In today’s business world, only those who stay ahead of their competitors get more attention from their Potential customers and clients.

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