Erich Von Daniken is a name that has been associated with everything that is controversial. His main research work has been based upon ancient religious texts and ancient aliens, the existence of ancient astronauts and the aliens traveling to Earth from some planet x, and as such many more theories regarding beings living in outer space. His books have been bestsellers and been translated into around 30 languages worldwide. Some of his books mainly “Chariots of Gods” series have been made into a television program, and his ideas have traveled and being researched upon by several scientists around the world. He is certainly a name to reckon with.

On May 24, 2003, a fantastic theme park called “Mysteries of the world” was set up by Erich Von Daniken and the joint stock company. It presented the mysteries of the world, which were basically based upon the ideas of the books written by Erich Von Daniken himself. The theme park is made on a site of the former military field at Matten near Interlaken and covers an approximate area of 100,000 square kilometer. The building wasn’t a UFO park but something more amazing than one could imagine. There were seven different theme buildings which were set in a star pattern. The buildings formed the pattern around the main building, and it seemed to be a rather unusual and never before seen architectural wonder. The buildings presented with mysterious and updated evidence of past cultures that included Egypt civilization and Mayan civilization. It showed the evidence present in the Pyramids of Giza and the Machu Pichu structure.

The park also showed about the future prospects and NASA taking attempts of inhabiting the planet Mars as one of the themes. It was estimated that there would be a lot of people annually visiting the place and learn about the thrill and amazing feeling when traveling around. But this didn’t happen, and it ultimately led to the demise of the Mystery Park.

The causes of this have been the results of the bad decisions taken by the authorities, says experts. The main causes are the nature of the exhibition being simple and straight with no new imagination or creativity being shown. The shows failed to appeal the visitors, and it fell flat on the concepts as well. Also, the stock market decline that happened during 2001 and 2003 were also a major cause of the financial severity. It was critically thrashed and ultimately the park was closed.

But nonetheless the way Erich Von Daniken thought of the plan and also his books showing out evidence of aliens being out there and somewhere humans having links with them from ancient times, it is just too exciting to imagine it.

Although the park didn’t last long, but it surely made scientists and people think that there might be people living out there somewhere on a planet, and keeping a watch on us. It can be they visit time to time and that’s why paranormal activities happen. Imagination can lead to somewhere from nowhere! Might be someday you would be even eating dinner with an alien species! Just imagine!

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UFOs & Ancient Aliens have been subjects of many researchers including likes of Zecharia Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken for years. Also, there have been several books on written them. The latest in the series is "In The Beginning : The Epic of Anunnaki". More info: