Don't expect your doctor to recommend erection remedies. Doctors and western medical hospitals have been notorious for working alongside pharmaceutical companies to treat common diseases like erectile dysfunctions.

Unfortunately, many men are tired of using ED pills that are laden with side effects. It is also being reported that ED pills could also cause small strokes that are responsible for blindness and deafness. It is no wonder why erection remedies have been so popular recently.

In this article, you will learn some natural ways to cure ED which have been around for centuries but have only been studied in recent years. And you may be surprised that these erectile natural remedies could outperform medications.

5 Natural Ways to Cure ED

There are numerous things you could do to begin to reverse male impotence. Because this disease is typically caused by a lowered circulation, it only makes sense to boost the circulation. Here are some simple ways to begin your ED home treatment.

Begin your alternative treatment by drinking plenty of water and changing your diet to a lot of whole, raw foods. That means a lot of foods that are not cooked or processed. This will be a simple diet (fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts) but it will also be flushing your body and arteries. This diet alone will boost your circulation in days. Try this diet for a few days.

Being active is also important to increase your libido while also reducing stress. It is a fact that stress plays a major role in male impotence. Try to start slowly and work your way up to at least 1 hour of exercise daily. This will also boost your circulation levels.

There are also many herbal remedies. Gingko is a popular remedy because it could boost circulation levels to the penile regions. You can find this herb at any health food store.

You may also wish to supplement 2 capsules of maca or maca root every day. This aphrodisiac is very popular in many eastern countries and could have you feeling like a 20 year old again.

It is also interesting to discover that most men who suffer from male impotence are also deficient in zinc. Studies have found that supplementing at least 15 - 30 mg of zinc daily could help reverse ED and eventually cure it.

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