What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is also known as Impotence, which is a sexual disorder found in adult men. People with Ed feel an inability to get an erection during sexual intercourse. They are hardly able to maintain an erection firm enough for intimacy.

Signs and Symptoms that you may observe during an Erectile dysfunction
Reduced or decreased sexual desire
Incapability or inability in preserving an erection
Failure in getting an erection

Understanding the signs and causes of Ed should be your first step to achieve to better sex life. Facing erection trouble more frequently or if the symptoms last for a long time, you must seek a doctor soon. Ed can be a sign of any underlying physical or psychological issue. An erection takes place when there is a raised blood flow into the penis. Blood flow arouses the male penis when you have sexual thoughts or during direct contact with the penis. But when there are constrictions of the blood vessels or emotionally not ready, you can get an erection. However, it will not put a proper flow of blood that cannot attain or maintain an erect penis.

Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction

If we talk about what may be the reasons that lead to Ed problem, then here is a list of some common causes
Cardiovascular Disease
High cholesterol
Kidney disease
Hormone imbalance, low testosterone
High blood pressure or hypertension
Relationship problems
Increased age
Sleep disorders
Use of drugs, abuse of alcohol, or tobacco products
Certain health conditions like Peyronie's disease, Parkinson's disease, or Multiple Sclerosis
Damaged Pelvic area due to injury or surgery

Ed symptoms may appear by any of the following factors or by several of them. Even a physical issue behind the Ed problem may also contribute to physiologic issues. It may also bring stress, depression, relationship problems, and low self-confidence in men. Sometimes treating an underlying physical can cure Ed, but if it doesn't help, medication may help.

Treatment of ED Problem

Getting treatment of Ed at an earlier stage may help you in curing the problem more efficiently. If you are experiencing ED symptoms and concerned about it, you should talk to a doctor without embarrassment. There are also very effective
ED Drugs in marketplaces that handle mild to moderate symptoms of Ed.

Here are some Ed drugs available as oral medication that stimulate blood flow to your penis and treats Ed.

There are also some other treatments that a doctor may suggest depending on your condition. You may also need to take a combination of treatments, including medication and talk therapy. Suhagra 100mg Medicine is the Generic Form of Sildenafil Tablets which are available at online Pharmacies. They Increase the Blood Circulation and Provide Long-Lasting erection. You can choose an Ed drug only when prescribed for you as they are beneficial for you.

Here is some Prevention that may help in preventing ED from getting worsen or manage it. By making healthy lifestyle changes and get proper treatment of any existing health condition may help you. For Example-

Work with your doctor to manage your physical health problems—especially patients with diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic health conditions.

See a doctor soon if you observe Ed's symptoms and perform regular checkups and medical tests.

Keep yourself fit, take a healthy diet and perform regular exercise.

Limit alcohol consumption, stop smoking, and don't use illegal drugs.

Take steps to reduce stress, get help for mental health concerns for anxiety, depression.

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