Epididymitis is a male disease. It is mainly caused by E. coli invading men's body and causing infection. When a person suffers from this disease, it will cause testicular swelling, and devour sperm if not treated, causing azoospermia.

Sperm is essential for men, especially for men who want to have children. Therefore, azoospermia caused by epididymitis needs attention.

How to treat azoospermia caused by epididymitis?

Male patients with epididymitis, if not treated in time, will affect the sperm survival rate. In severe cases, it may also cause azoospermia. Therefore, patients should have a correct attitude to the disease and fins a professional doctor do a comprehensive examination timely. The detailed check and treatment can let the sperm survive again.

Patients with epididymitis should pay attention to the diet in daily life. They can take some high protein and high vitamin food to benefit the body and disease. But they can not eat some stimulating and spicy food and should avoid excessive alcohol and smoke.

Only if men treat epididymitis in time azoospermia will be solved. For epididymitis caused by bacteria, broad-spectrum antibiotics with a better effect on Gram-negative bacteria should be selected clinically. For pain, fever and other systemic symptoms, use antipyretic analgesics symptomatic treatment.

In general, acute symptoms can gradually subside after a week. Patients need timely treatment due to acute inflammation in the onset of the disease is relatively urgent. Otherwise, it is easy to develop into chronic epididymitis. Chronic epididymitis treatment time is usually relatively long. Patients often feel the affected side of dull scrotum pain, swelling feeling, pain often involved in the lower abdomen, and the groin's same side. Treatment usually takes from one month to several months.

For chronic epididymitis, traditional Chinese medicine is a right choice. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, epididymitis is caused by the invasion of dampness. And after the disease, the patient's epididymis will have inflammation. Therefore, in epididymitis treatment, patients who choose traditional Chinese medicine can get a better cure, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

If the epididymis's inflammatory mass increases, the scrotal skin is red and wavy, and an abscess is formed, incision and drainage should be performed. If an indwelling catheter causes the patient, remove the catheter. In addition, patients should avoid sexual impulses and heavy physical activity in the acute period to avoid aggravating infection and symptoms. Epididymis or even orchiectomy is feasible for a small number of refractory patients with poor disease control.

How to treat low-quality perm?

First of all, we should know the specific causes of low sperm quality. If it is because of prostatitis or orchitis and urinary system diseases caused by diseases, men need to treat these diseases first. Only when these diseases are cured will the problem of low-quality sperm be solved. Men often excessive smoking and drinking, irregular diet, bad living habits, extreme obesity and so on can also cause low sperm quality. Therefore, develop a good diet and living habits.

Men with low-quality sperm should wear loose pants at ordinary times. The male with a bad kidney should also be maintained in daily life and eat regularly. The living environment should choose a dry and well-ventilated place, do not often stay in a humid and dark atmosphere or with radiation areas.

In sexual life, men should ensure personal hygiene. Reasonable sex life can make sperm quality normal. When preparing for pregnancy, if the quality of sperm is relatively low, go to a professional hospital for regular treatment, and wait until the quality of sperm returns to normal before preparing for pregnancy. Only in this way can you make the fetus's quality after successful preparation for pregnancy be better.

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