Nowadays, the concern of the male body’s health is rising because it can lead to both breaking up of the relationship and a frustrated life that is filled with stress and hardship. For men between the age of 20-40, having a happy marriage and keeping a good relationship with their partners is the most important thing in their lives.

At this time, men are also facing many health challenges that are present in front of their eyes. Epididymitis is one of the troubling diseases that should put men on high alert because its existence will greatly decrease your sexual ability and lead to infertility. So how harmful is this disease? And what is epididymitis?

The cause of epididymitis

Epididymitis is usually caused by inflammatory substances that have spread into the epididymis from prostate gland or testicle. Its main troublemakers are e. coli and glucococcus that travel through the vas deferens. This commonly occurs among patients who suppress urine a lot. Bacteria and chlamydia can backflow through the urine and travel to the vas deferens and epididymis, resulting in inflammation.

symptoms usually include red and swollen scrotum, pain in the scrotum, sensitive when being touched and burning urination. Pain can be reduced when lying on the back or being stationary. To reduce the sharp pain caused by it, patients will have to lie on the bed with a cold compress on their scrotum. The doctor may also suggest you put socks or medical gauze under it in order to lift it up to ease the pressure on epididymis.

All in all, having epididymitis is not a joyful experience. Not only can it bring pain, but it also hurts your male ego and dignity in front of your family members. Plus, epididymitis can have a series of negative impacts on your male fertility.

Ruining the health and living environment of the sperm

As it is commonly known in the medical field, epididymis is an inevitable organ through which the sperm has to pass when ejaculation. It is also known as the area where sperm are raised, grows and lives. As a consequence, inflammation inside of the epididymis can directly disrupt the living environment and health of sperm.

As a result, sperm does not have the sufficient ability to penetrate the egg, which adds the chance of infertility greatly.

Blocking the vas deferens and painful ejaculation

You will simply feel that the semen that comes out from your penis is suppressed for no reason. It is very possible that you will feel pain during ejaculation because of the stiffness of the epididymis and contraction of the vas deferens. As a result, you cannot have enough willingness to have sex with your partner, which can put your relationships at risk.

Recovering from epididymitis

Luckily, recovering from epididymitis is not that hard but requires patience and persistence. Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill is suitable for male patients who suffer from any disease of urinary and genital system.

It is necessary that you should take this medicine continuously until the symptoms totally goes away. Moreover, having a healthy diet can accelerate your recovery and shorten the treatment period as well.

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