Don't think that only women will have inflammation. Men will also suffer from inflammation, such as epididymitis. It is a common disease in young people. When men's physical resistance decreases, bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus easily enter the vas deferens and retrograde the invasion of the epididymis, resulting in epididymitis.

The epididymis is the only way for sperm. If there is inflammation, it will bring specific harm to men. In serious cases, it will even affect fertility.

1. Loss of fertility

We know that the living place of sperm is in the epididymis. If attached, it will affect the sperm's fertility and even reduce the sperm's fertility.

2. Affect sexual life

If men suffer from epididymitis are not treated in time, it is easy to harden the epididymis. Then during sexual life, ejaculation pain may occur due to the contraction of the vas deferens, resulting in the impact of sexual life.

3. Cause other disease

Bacteria mainly cause epididymitis. If men do not seek medical treatment in time, it may lead to other diseases, such as prostatitis, endocrine disorders, varicocele, etc. These diseases will endanger men's health, so men should pay more attention to them.

Epididymitis is divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. The treatment of acute epididymitis needs to stay in bed and raising the scrotum. In the early stage, you can choose to apply with ice. You need a hot compress or hot hip bath in the late stage. You can take oral painkillers.

Antibiotics should choose drugs sensitive to bacteria and need to be administered intravenously. Change oral antibiotics after 1-2 weeks and then treat for 2-4 weeks to prevent chronic inflammation. Commonly used drugs include cephalosporins, quinolones, azithromycin, and so on.

In treating chronic epididymitis, the effect of simple application of antibiotics is not necessarily ideal. In addition to broad-spectrum antibiotics, physical therapy such as a local hot compress is also necessary. The epididymis can also be treated with berberine or neomycin plasma penetration.

If it is complicated with chronic prostatitis, it must be treated simultaneously. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill comprises more than 50 kinds of natural herbs. In treatment, it has many effects, such as clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, diuresis, and drenching, anti-proliferation, anti calcification, etc. It is combined with meridian-inducing drugs such as the seed of cowherb, which can "lead" the efficacy to the affected area and treat epididymitis and prostatitis simultaneously to achieve the purpose of cure.

How to nurse epididymitis?

1. Pay attention to hygiene
Men with epididymitis should pay great attention to private hygiene and avoid using public health appliances together so as not to cause bacterial breeding during inflammation.

2. Control sexual life
Epididymitis is accompanied by pain and other symptoms. It is suggested to pay attention to abstinence in sexual life and not too frequently to prevent epididymis from inflaming again.

3. Pay attention to diet
In terms of diet, men also need to eat less or no spicy and greasy food and eat more fruits and vegetables.

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