Men have many unique organs. For these organs, men must pay attention to them and protect them adequately in daily life to avoid suffering from some diseases, among which epididymitis is common. It has a significant impact on the body.

What are the symptoms of epididymitis?

1. The main epididymitis symptoms are as follows:

There is tenderness in the groin area, scrotum enlargement, local skin redness, such as abscess formation, dry skin thinning, and falling off. An abscess can also break itself. However, after a few hours, the testis and epididymis become hard mass. The spermatic cord becomes thicker due to edema, and the secondary hydrocele of testis appears a few days later. There may be secretions in the urethra.

2. Symptoms of acute epididymitis:

There is sudden onset, high fever, elevated white blood cells, scrotal pain on the affected side, depression, lower abdomen, groin pain, and aggravated when standing or walking. The epididymis on the affected side was swollen with apparent tenderness. When the scope of inflammation is large, the epididymis and testis are swollen, and the boundary between them is unclear, which is called epididymal orchitis. The spermatic cord on the affected side was thickened and tender. In general, the acute symptoms can gradually subside after one week.

3. Symptoms of chronic epididymitis:

Chronic epididymitis is more common. Some patients have chronic epididymitis because they can not get a complete cure in the acute stage. But most patients do not have a clear inflammation in the acute phase, and inflammation is often secondary to chronic prostatitis or injury. Patients often feel scrotum pain, swelling, and falling sensation.
The pain usually involves the lower abdomen and ipsilateral groin, sometimes combined with secondary hydrocele. The epididymis is often enlarged and hardened in varying degrees, with mild tenderness and thickening of the ipsilateral vas deferens.

Epididymitis can bring great pain to men's lives, and sometimes it may interfere with sperm maturation and lead to male fertility obstacles. Why?

First, men should clarify the function of epididymis. The role of the testis is mainly to produce androgen and sperm. When the testis produces sperm, it will enter the epididymis for storage and maturity, then enter the vas deferens through the micro pipes' transport in the epididymis. After ejaculation, the sperm and egg combine, and the woman becomes pregnant.

When epididymis is inflamed, it will interfere with sperm maturation and cause problems such as oligospermia, weak sperm, and abnormal sperm. Epididymitis can also block these tiny channels through which sperm passes, that is, the decrease in sperm count, or even no, which can cause male fertility problems.

Chronic epididymitis is often present at the same time as chronic prostatitis. Therefore, the general treatment measures are the same as chronic prostatitis, and the treatment of prostatitis can alleviate the symptoms of chronic epididymitis. The advantage of traditional Chinese medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill compared with antibiotic treatment is that it can effectively treat chronic epididymitis while treating chronic prostatitis.

It can also treat the whole reproductive system diseases, such as orchitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc. More importantly, it improves the immunity and self-healing ability, builds up a defense against bacteria and infections, to prevent this disease from reoccurring again.

Epididymitis after healing left behind the epididymis, sometimes can cause the patient's ideological burden, after the operation can not be relieved symptoms, therefore, generally do not do the removal of the testosterone. Because of male infertility with obstructed sperm output after epididymitis, the proximal anastomosis of the obstruction site of vas deferens can partly solve sperm drainage. Still, the pregnancy rate is not high after the operation.

Men must protect their epididymis. They should pay more attention to some bad living habits in their daily life. Once they find any discomfort, seek medical treatment in time.

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