Whether the subject is global warming, clean energy sources, or toxic chemicals environmental issues are almost always a “point of contention” among those who discuss them. Like politics and religion, it is another subject that has a wide assortment of opinions regarding the many facets or sides of the issue. Even the so called experts can’t seem to agree on what’s best for us and our planet.

Global Warming is killing the people and the planet

Many environmental experts contend that our earth’s atmosphere has become overloaded with carbon dioxide which traps in heat and threatens to disrupt the planets climate permanently. Even though the temperature change may amount to a mere three to nine degrees it can have disastrous effects on the world as we know it. Solving the issue of global warming will bring about improvements in our lives by clearing up the air pollution. As we invest in sources of clean energy and adapt energy saving solutions there will be less risk of global warming and other environmental issues that are plaguing us today. Some say the polar ice caps will melt and flood the planet, warming the earth and creating diseases. They do not consider the fact that this planet has done quite nicely for millions of years before we came along and that man’s actions are inconsequential when looking at the big picture.

Renewable energy sources result in clean energy

There is no doubt that fossil fuels are a major contributor to the global warming issue our planet faces today. It creates toxic air that threatens to smother us in smoke and ash. Finding ways to invest in more energy efficient methods of power and energy is necessary for the health and welfare of each of us. Wind, biomass, and solar are clean alternatives to coal and oil for powering our world and will help cut down on global warming as well.

What part of toxic don’t you understand?

Asthma, cancer, birth defects, infertility, brain impairments, and learning disabilities offer only a small picture of the amount of destructive power in the toxic chemicals we are surrounded by. Those chemicals can be found in furniture, electronics, beverages, food, toys, cleaning products, personal care products, and many children’s products. Among all the environmental issues currently being debated and studied, the one that should concern us most is the toxicity of our surrounding environment. With the dramatic rise in Autism and ADHD in children in the past few decades we have come to realize there must be an underlying cause and it is most likely in the chemical pollutants our youth must face from time of conception on.

Eliminating the toxic elements will take time and must be addressed before it’s too late. Testing of all new or existing chemicals is currently being conducted to learn which ones are safe and which must be replaced or even eliminated.

Toxic chemicals like dioxin, lead, mercury, and PCB’s are allowed to contaminate our environment every day and that must be stopped. Many of these chemicals enter the system of fish, birds, and mammals which we then consume. Children especially must not be exposed to these deadly contaminants.

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