Men experience a lot of emotional disorders, such as erectile dysfunction in the early stage. Men's subconscious may bury hidden dangers, such as fear of sexual failure and inability to respond usually.

Some men delay urinating for the first time after sexual intercourse and have a burning sensation in their urethra. Therefore, they think that sexual behavior will aggravate physical diseases, cause fear and worry, and even make people afraid to have sex again. It is just a physiological phenomenon, which will recover after a short rest.

Men's sexual ability is related to their physical conditions and is significantly affected by the environment. Today, let's look at what environment will affect men's sexual power. I hope it will be helpful to you.

The following five environmental factors can affect sexual function:

1. The temperature is too high

The testis is an essential male reproductive organ that is responsible for the production of sperm and androgen. When the testicle works, the temperature should be kept between 35.5 ℃ - 36 ℃. Too high a temperature will affect the normal function of the testicle. Therefore, you should wear less tight underwear and jeans, soak in hot springs and sauna, avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures, and not use computers on your legs.

2.A damp environment

A damp environment is easy to get sick. Moist environment and local moist external genitalia can easily cause skin diseases such as psoriasis and scrotal eczema. These skin diseases can cause local itching, pigmentation, peculiar smell, etc. It will seriously affect men's sexual desire and generate a sense of pleasure in sexual life. In addition, it may also lead to spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation. Therefore, men should pay attention to cleaning their private parts before and after sex, keeping their genitals clean and dry, changing their underwear every day, and maintaining local ventilation.

3. Mental and physical fatigue

When nervous and tired, the sympathetic nerve is in a state of sexual excitement, which will inhibit sexual desire and penis erection, thus affecting men's performance in sex and significantly reducing the happiness index of sexual life. Therefore, men must make reasonable arrangements for life and avoid overwork.

4. Sitting for a long time

Sitting on a soft sofa for a long time will cause severe damage to the male scrotum. The pelvis is the fulcrum in a normal sitting posture, and the scrotum can be relaxed between the legs. However, sitting on a soft sofa and pressing the scrotum on the legs will increase the local temperature, hinder blood circulation, and affect the production of sperm and testosterone. Therefore, men should not sit on the sofa long but stand up and walk.

5. Too low air conditioning temperature

Avoid blowing the air conditioner directly for refrigeration. Male sexual function is closely related to season and temperature. Generally speaking, sexual function will decline in a cold environment, showing the law of thermal expansion and contraction. The cold will make the male penis, scrotum, and other organs contract, and the sense of touch is dull. Therefore, men should pay attention to cold prevention and insulation in cold weather, avoid directly turning on the air conditioner in summer, and not catch a cold during sex.

In addition to the environment, many diseases can lead to the decline of male sexual function. Common diseases mainly include the following types:

Firstly, urogenital diseases, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc. For these diseases, patients need to cooperate with doctors actively. Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It can treat prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis at the same time. And it can prevent the disease from spreading to other parts.

Secondly, mental illness. If you suffer from schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and other diseases, there will be a decline in sexual function. Patients with sexual dysfunction caused by psychological factors can get rid of sexual dysfunction quickly as long as they go to formal psychotherapy institutions for treatment in time and eliminate psychological problems.

Thirdly, cardiovascular disease. Patients with cardiovascular disease often have vascular endothelial dysfunction, resulting in declining sexual function. If the heart condition is severe, it is necessary to reduce the number of sexual life and avoid myocardial ischemia or insufficient blood supply to the brain due to excessive excitement, aggravating the condition.

If the heart disease is relatively mild, there are no apparent symptoms such as chest tightness, chest pain, and fatigue, and the condition is controlled stably, it will not affect sexual life in general. But men also need to pay attention to moderation and avoid too frequent sex life.

Fourthly, diabetes. Diabetes can lead to vascular and neurological changes and reduce sexual function. High blood glucose will increase renal osmotic pressure, and the secretion of androgen by testis may be affected to some extent. The hormone level decrease may lead to the decline of sexual function, and then appear clinical manifestations such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Mne should pay more attention to some sexual function problems because this disease is very harmful. It will cause tremendous psychological pressure on patients. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the causes before symptomatic treatment.

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