Until now, artists and their curators have typically sold creations to a singular buyer. Companies, on the other hand, have been able to sell their equity and asset-backed securities to multiple buyers through regulated markets, in the process creating increased value and liquidity.

Then was born the idea of fusing art trading with blockchain, an idea born from the mind of Stephen H. Watkins who envisioned that anyone could own a part of world-acclaimed works of art through a regulatory-compliant marketplace. Thus, Entrex Art Market, LLC was conceived.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a online business magazine.

Words of the Wise

When asked about what advice he would like to endow onto budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the financial services space, Stephen replied, “The financial services sector is vibrant and exciting – while maintained by surprisingly few well-capitalized constituents. This is helpful to entrepreneurs exiting – while challenging the norm in formative years means one should be well-capitalized for a long battle.”

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